The Right to an Honourable Life.

Do not think for a moment that this article is a promo’ for The Smith Family Charity or any charity in particular.. not that I have anything against that or any other charity organisation..but I am using their video clip as example to vent my disgust and anger at what I see as gross failure of the govt’ of the day ; The LNP, to give decent and proper support as is the right of EVERY child or citizen of this State of Australia to a decent and respectful chance of full education for every child or citizen that comes under its duty of care.

(I take the liberty and I am trusting the permission of The Smith Family Charity to paste this sample “you tube” clip here).

To view this sad spectacle of a child, ANY child in Australia today and hear a charity plead for assistance to sponsor an Australian child because of distressing circumstances is to me an indictment of gross delinquency and abandonment of the basic principles of good governance of the nation. For surely the first principle for governance is to give shelter, security and education to all its citizens…in particular the children, as this secures the knowledgeable future of the nation..and yet we see the clip above of such a child representation, certainly from a state school (no way private!) being placed in an insecure personal situation that would easily brand her as a future client of more gross victimisation.

Yet we can hear this vandalism of a LNP govt’ promote the benefits of “aspirational goals” and they pour seemingly unlimited wealth and investment into the private college / school network, taking such badly-needed funding for such “fattening” from the already hollowed-out and stretched financially state school network!..then abandoning the Gonski schooling proposal through lack of funding to increase the already “double-stitching” on the old-school-tie jackets and table napkins…a deliberate slap in the face for the already “leaners” and a fattened Judas Purse for the so-called “lifters”.

And then we have to suffer the added insult of listening to those pompous arseholes like Minister Pyne , poncing about promoting himself with his mincing poodle voice, or Minister Cash apologising for “forgetting” to register her FOURTH $1 point something million dollar investment property..or even Mr Harbourside Mansion himself pontificating on the merits of having wealthy parents and you then see this advertisement above calling for support for disadvantaged AUSSIE kids!..??…WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON??

I’ll tell you what is going on..: Class-warfare..THAT’s what’s going on!..that child in the Smith Family plead is from the working class, in a state school..THAT is the inference, no doubt about it, and THAT is who it is aimed at…this child is a representation of a random working class child in a random state school. So if you are looking for proof of the “killing fields” of class-warfare in our country today, you just go to the statistics of privilege / want…you will find the “privilege” side of the scales heavily weighted with this current government’s will see the working class denied the basic rights of work security through the abandoning of manufacturing industries and local state industries by this govt’, you will see the abandonment of health , education and social security by this govt’ toward the working classes…you will see reward after reward of more grants and then tax and wage reductions for their electoral interest business will see the obvious intended abandonment of Gonski, of the NDIS..of renewable energy policies all of which would ensure more employment opportunities and required decency for the working people of the nation.

Instead, we get a steady stream of bullshit slurry trickling out in an almost unstoppable stream from the mouths of these LNP delinquents, bracketed and enlarged upon with a equal steady stream of abuse and vitriol from the Murdoch traitor journalists. This is NOT a government, this is an act of vandalism and “murder” against the working people of this nation..for when one has to witness a charity organisation go pleading for sponsorship for working-class kids so they can have a half decent life, coupled with a deserved, decent education and a chance of a honourable future in this most favourable country on Earth, you just know some-one, somewhere is not doing their duty. That “some-one” IS whoever is first and foremost responsible for “duty of care” to the citizens of the State..: The Government of the day.

The government of this day is the LNP…they are to be condemned as vandals, delinquents and fit for nothing but the trash-bin of history. They have just relegated such in West Australia to that rubbish-bin, let us maintain our rage and disgust of these low-life filth to do the same , with extreme prejudice , to this LNP govt’ at the next federal election!



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