The IPA and Their Lot.


Upon sensible reflection, admitting that those staff of the IPA. all have had as decent an education as could be obtained in this country, one has to seriously consider on their intelligence. I do not mean their level of education or training, but their natural capacity to make cogent , rational evaluation of what they promulgate.

If their education was on equal terms with a healthy intellect, they would have to reconsider the policy claim of economic rationalism being a level playing field where fair trade and fair play go hand in glove with equal opportunity for all to achieve prosperity and wealth limited only by one’s creative genius , work ethic and /or business acumen…

What a crock !!

Any child knows from visible want that the bag of lollies he/she is holding (bequeathed to them from favoured patronage) has value according to the want in the eyes of other children…while he/she holds tight to that bag he/she calls the shots. Likewise, the cost of digging up a tonne of mullock to extract ore is the same for gold as it is for iron…the end value in both calculated by the want of the extracted ore…the knowledge is as old as the hills, so to promote the lie that the one who holds the shovel has wealth equal to the one that holds the gold is to plumb the depths of perfidy to Murdochian levels!

But to then go on to claim that such want of wealth is to create a fairer society has to be delusion equal to hallucinogenic visions…for even if the most humble peasant was to have nothing but their garden of vegetables, a clutch of chickens or rabbits for food..a family adequately fed and clothed from the adults industry and skills, wanting little more from life than such well-being and health…if such peasants existed, those of the philosophy of the IPA. would need to destroy such small contentment…as swiftly as possible before it became known that life could be lived without a creed of grasping wealth…destroyed as quickly as possible in the value of that bag of lollies, all accumulated  wealth only has such value as measured against want. If the wealth of King Croesus was not wanted, it would have no the simple life of the peasant must be destroyed to create the “want” that gives value to both the gold and the method of obtaining that; the philosophy of the IPA. and the LNP. “running dogs” (I like that saying!).

So too, must the wage of the artisan work of the employed be restrained at or below “break- even” levels so the mogul can rejoice in his “value- added” gold. It was Edward Wakefield who styled the system of keeping workers’ wages just below that level of possible accumulation as to afford them buying their own estates and thereby removing their labour from the gentleman’s service..ever the fair trade and fair play bastards! I have no sympathy nor can harbour any mercy for such filth!

History knows and recognizes their face..hubris and greed will lure their Nemisis..there is nothing new under the sun and as the saying goes…”When first the tottering house begins to sink…thither goes all the weight by an instinct”……and good riddance!

Oh for the next election to be sooner rather than the two years away, for these gormless fools now in office are digging a hole that will surely bury them!…and as the saying goes, they know not to stop digging!..Thinking that at the bottom of the pit there is more gold when all there is , is their own black souls!

Let them dig and when their fate is sealed, as it has been in Victoria these last few days, feel no remorse to cover them over. For such hearts to implement policies that harm not only the old and infirm, but are so black they will not give safe harbour to even a new-born, whose only mischief is an accident of birth. Where the evangelic choir for that child?..where the incense, myrrh  and the three wise men? glory awaits, no mercy nor salvation..the threat that such a child may one day grow and with their hard work and ingenuity, take a little measure of the wealth from the horde of the insatiable greedy…where is their faith, their belief in the ‘God of Love”?

It is not some blind-faith evil that motivates this ship of fools, it is that simple-minded horror in the soul of humanity…it is Zola’s ; “La Bete humanie”…the beast in is the horror in Joseph Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness”…where a fellow citizen, under our watching eyes will send back to peril, children and even pregnant women…in our name…When I for one, as would many others, would freely give a share of my own children’s clothing for that child if needed …it is beyond decency what this government is doing in our name….it is beyond decency!

It is the horror, the horror!




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