“A Pox on The Masses ! “

That’s what “Reganomics” was ..; a pox on the wage earners..Economic rationalism, trickle-down economy, free-market capitalism..call it what you will, it all means one thing..A Big Fat Con on the producing classes of ANY economy.

It’s time for the Left to radicalize in a Big way!…I’m not talking pikes and barricades, nor marches and cries of ; “Waddawewant…?”..I’m talking radical policies that will scare the be-jeezus out of the right-wing loonies and lobbyists. I’m talking re-nationalising the essential utilities like energy, water (both domestic and agricultural), public transport, education, health, communications and even putting a brake on the banks by either re-establishing a “Commonwealth Bank” or having control of many smaller banking societies to service the lower income end of the market WITHOUT employing speculating policies!…forcing the big banks to divest of those smaller banking outlets they now control.

Making the taxation dept’ deliver the tax owing to the nation…and finally to break up the MSM. entities  and securing the public broadcaster is A-political..with a capital “A”..and while at it, since Murdoch is a foreign national as useless, really, to any political party as piles to a bicycle racer on the commencement of the Tour de France..Declare him ‘Persona non Grata” and f#ck him off out of the country once and for all.

Sure..not all of those policies could be implemented (straight away!) but they could become a part of the public discussion and put the wind up those smug arseholes of the right.

Let’s face it, the ONLY way these economic rationalist policies could even get off the ground is with a hard-sell from the MSM. Murdoch has done his level best to prime divisional and aspirational bullshit in this country for years..using those personal employees still sucking from the newscorpse teat and others since employed in various “sleeper” positions in both the public broadcaster and other media outlets…low intellect commentators like Dean and Kenny..Jones et al..like low order pimps at a “Men’s only convention” licking their lips in anticipation of some piss-weak personal advancement (perhaps from outside the toilet to the curb!) overdosed on Murdoch-mothers-milk pushing the trickle-down line like it was gospel. Along with that viper’s nest of traitors ; the IPA. a covert operator if ever there was one, funded on secret donations from organizations that we all suspect or know about (why would you keep it a secret except it is from those corp’s or people you don’t want revealed!?) and foreign nationals, to undermine and destabilize any democratically elected govt’ not advantageous to those foreign national’s interests…all while sheltering under the protection and benefit of their Australian passports!..if THAT isn’t treason, then Lord Haw Haw can go laugh it off!

The Left must push loud and long to have justice BE SEEN to be delivered to these bastards who have scavenged from the bones of our national racism shame..a shame many worked at to redeem through honest, hard won policy to both the indigenous peoples and refugees…many now trashed and worse than they were before the LNP. came to power with it’s scheming filth and dirty mind. A continuous Commission looking into the connections between Big Business, Banking, Mining/energy and the LNP.  MUST be commenced..the connections are obvious. The damage to the economy is obvious. The culprits are obvious..let them face their judges and declare their national allegiance or be condemned forever as they have condemned so very many to a desperate fate !

I say turn around the “Pox on the masses” to those who most deserve it ; “ A Pox on the LNP.”

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