Julia Gillard. Herself, The Nation and Our Betrayal.


“I was Prime Minister for three years and three days. Three years and three days of resilience…”

Such goes the words on the back cover of “My Story”…three years and three days..yet it needed to be at least two terms of governance..two terms of governance by an honest, intelligent woman, to break the macho-mechanics of Australian politics…Julia Gillard was that woman…and she could well have done it, if not for treachery from both sides of politics…from many factions of the main stream media…from commercial media and, surprisingly, from even the ABC…why?..there is no accounting for a scoundrel’s actions…for the Murdoch media journo’s and commentators..well, they were bought..pure and simple..paid to write what their overlord dictated..AND no doubt given bonus’s for “extra base hits” on good days.

Some were fed rumour and innuendo from Gillard’s own party..for this there is no excuse..no mercy. We know their names, from the highest to the most mealy-mouthed…most are gone from politics now, but Fitzgibbon is one I single out, for his appearance on Ch 7’s “Sunrise” program, where he proceeded to mock both his own party and leadership to the whooping laughter of the compere ; Kochy..it was both a disgrace and a most sordid betrayal…He now must earn any respect by bloody hard work ,the sweat of his brow and the evidence of his deeds.

Of the ABC. journos’ and commentators, Uhlmann was to me the most oily..the most insidious..many an interview would contain the expression ; “shambolic Labor…” and who could forget his obnoxious “clinging to the trouser-cuffs”of then leader of the opp’n , even to the point of ,literally, sitting at the feet of his idol, in the sand of Alice Springs, while lapping up the “sage wisdom” of his oracle like Lazarus’ dog at the pustulant sores of his master…a disgusting sight…and Tony Jones, on HIS tv. show..a direct insult to the PM. Gillard to paraphrase ; “at least I didn’t stick a knife in their back”…low specimen.. vulgar animal.

Even Barrie Cassidy spent many Sunday morning shows delivering the “breaking news” of an imminent leadership spill…such pronouncements went on month after month so that even after three challenges, one of them a breath-taking no-show by the “challenger” that ought to have put paid once and for all to such eager prognostations..but NO!…there they were, the very next day , almost..trundling out the same old, same old….fools!

For that’s what they were..fools…even worse, and this is the crux of this piece..where we, the public have really been wronged..badly wronged by those that manage the imagery of the MSM. “super-stars”. These media commentators are not smart, not in an intellectual way..they are not astute, not in a political way..they are “blunt instruments” to be “honed” with cue-cards and formulae questions…groomed and made up and lit up to appear and sound like they know what they are talking about..”suits with gravitas”. But in truth they are the dumbest bastards you could come across. So dumb, they spent three years at the beck and call of political manipulators, three years being the “Barbie and Ken” marionettes of more cunning masters..they were so fuckin’ D-U-M-B , they stood, sat , groveled in studio or in-situ , mouthing word-structures for a more cunning species than they would ever be..THREE YEARS betraying their country, betraying half the population of this country…betraying themselves..three years..and they didn’t even have half a clue they were doing it!

The Murdoch journos’ ? what can you expect from a sewer?..the smell of roses?..we know all Murdoch journos’ are traitors.

We have been wronged, we died-in-the-wool Progressives, because with the dismissal of Julia Gillard, it was not just the end of a decent , capable politician’s career, it was the discarding of us citizens!..For Julia Gillard, like Gough Whitlam, represented more than good policy, Julia Gillard was more than “the woman in The Lodge”…Julia AND Tim being there was , to my mind at least, us citizens being there…Julia and Tim were no bogans any more than the most relaxed, confident Aussie, migrant, indigenous, local born, reffo are..they were a reflection of  “everyone citizen”; show, not show-off..Plain, but not boor..ambitious, but not opportunist…and always looking forward to the weekend break at the beach, the peaceful bush or if you preferred.;the footy.

We have been wronged, badly wronged…all of us..and now it is time to reclaim that which is ours by right…So I say we ‘calm’ our anger, but maintain our rage. We ‘know’ our enemies, but restrain our vengeance till the time comes for the vote..and THEN…with the seething ferocity of a violated innocent, we wreak the most comprehensive defeat on the most vile conglomerate of foul beasts that ever crawled under the name of “Liberal / National Party “ politicians that make up the worst government this country has seen in a hundred and sixteen years of Parliament.


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