“Cheaper, Faster, Better NBN.”

The “Find out more about” meeting on the 16th Sept’ (2015?)at Cambrai Council Chambers between the ; NBN. / Telstra / Local Govt.’

I was in the “audience” as both observer and consumer of the Broadband Promise…I say “promise” , because that is what it was..a pledge to deliver 25MB/s. To every home by 2020.

Let me just make an observation here about one of our near neighbours , “across the ditch” ; New Zealand, who I believe, still mainly produce, package and export butter and other dairy products, get Broadband coverage of ..wait for it..from between 200MB/s. –  1GB/s. ..??

But we are told we WILL…not ARE…but will, (it’s a promise., remember..not a reality) get a whopping 25MB/s..because THAT , it appears , is all we will need..after all. WE are not making that much butter any more, since it seems we outsource our total manufacturing industries to the cheapest provider..Thank you LNP.

So let’s break down that meeting a tad..:

Basically, there were four “players” in the room..1) NBN. corp’ ; the owner or the product. 2) Telstra ; once the owner, now the retailer of the product ie; another ISP (Internet Service Provider). 3) Local Govt’ representative..; the liason / customer between US; the constituents, the ISP. Provider and the NBN. 4) WE, the people.

The NBN. Corp’ gave a power point presentation of what , where and when they will (see that ; “will” again) deliver that 25MB/s to one of three mixes in the area.

  • Fibre to the premises / node ?
  • Fixed wireless via selectively placed towers in proportion to population.
  • Satellite to the sparsely populated areas.

Telstra , now reduced to little more than a ISP (internet service provider), delivered a mostly sales pitch about how THEY will (“will”)deliver to us ; the customer a superior service depending on your location, YOUR capacity with up to date tech’ equipment to be able to use that capacity . Townies , of course will be preferred. BUT..you can purchase these new, you-beaut products that will enhance your reception.

I will note here that there was conciliatory admission of the problem with “punching” transmission reception through the many thick limestone walls of these regional “old pioneer” homes..hence the need for the customer to wander around the house , perhaps climb the roof (don’t laugh!) and property to get mobile reception . On this point, allow me a degree of levity if I point out that The Vatican , with it’s limestone walls at least 10 feet thick, has not deprived The Pope, for at least a thousand years, the capacity to receive daily instruction from God through, I presume , a sort of “Royal Telephone”!…a delivery system with apparently so much more power than Telstra.

Local Govt’ and We the people can, I accept be bracketed in the one group on the subject : “What you see is what you will (“will” ) get” customer. In this age of the so-called “Free Market”, the one element of the equation that seems to always get over looked is the most important one..; The Customer….they , if the providers care to reflect are the reason the product is produced..THEY are the reason it will grow and become successful..if ..IF..the product is as good as promised and not just another crappy “just in time technology” that will have to be stitched and patched and band-aided over because of the ideological differences that demand a second rate product…Because, if we recall, under a Labor govt’ (and it can’t be either overlooked or denied!) the expectation from the original NBN. was fibre to the premises for every home in Aust’ except where physically unrealistic or impossible…but then with the LNP. govt’ the whole idea of a government owned enterprise was anathema to the ideology of the “free-market” principles of the LNP. and it’s succulents..so the NBN. was fractured, dissected, slaughtered to deliver what now looks like a dog’s breakfast of ; Multi mix, multi dates, multi ISP. Contracts and god knows when delivery with a MAX’ of  25MB/s!

In the end, I saw the whole exercise of the Information Day as a kind of “soft-sell” ..more of a reassurance that “it will come, it will come”..like the second coming and YOU will benefit ( there’s more “wills” in these promises than you’d find in the locked safe of any retirement village) ..But I will take a moment to make a sort of futurist observation..: In this high-tech’ shrinking world, I shouldn’t imagine it would be too difficult in the near future for a pirate broadband spectrum deliverer to broadcast from some inner-space platform, say; a all-weather balloon in the stratosphere or whatever, in another country’s air space , a broadband service to any who would like to hook-up and by-pass the local product for a “Better, Faster, Cheaper” broadband service..now wouldn’t THAT put the kybosh on things!

I leave the rest of the guessing to you, after all, you got till 2020.

But I’ll tell you what DID eventually happen out here “in the sticks”..

Our Wireless modem got switched off without our knowledge and we were told it must be broken and Telstra sent us a new one..BUT..it was no longer wireless, but Telstra Mobile Broadband !

In other words, the NBN (LNP govt’) , to concentrate its wireless transmission into large regional towns with the promised “Fixed Towers” wireless delivery, had abandoned us more isolated citizens to the “mercy” of Telstra’s mobile broadband ..a fuckin’ useless bit of shit!..A-N-D.. bloody extortionate in cost!…and with Telstra being the ONLY mobile broadband ISP provider in these isolated places (we are a fabulous 100kms. From the centre of the capital!) they got us over a barrel.

I can still see and hear that traitorous BASTARD ; Turnbull telling us all that there was many ways to deliver “Cheaper, Faster, Better downloads” of internet than FTTP.

You lying BASTARD Turnbull..you LYING BASTARD !!


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