…To Play a Game of Marbles.

The Game of Marbles.

Back in my primary school days, the game of marbles was a pretty big deal. There were several variations played in the dirt of the playground..I can remember a couple..one was a large circle where you had to hit and knock another player’s “dooks” out of the ring ..AND..hit it hard enough so your marble would also ricochet out of the ring or you would have to leave it in the “kitty” for others to have a shot at..There was another with a smaller ring..but I forget how that worked..however, you only used your “big-hitters” when you were more or less certain of the shot..you didn’t want to lose your best marbles.

I remember my favourite was a “bloodtracker”..there were “cats-eyes” of various value , there were others that I can “see” but cannot remember their names..and of course, there was the mighty “Tombola”!

As eight or nine year old kids, we traded and valued our marbles..there were some kids who never played the game. But always seemed to be hanging around the circle with a big string-pull bag of marbles that they would “trade”..these would grow to be the aspiring capitalists of the future.

Every kid there knew the “exchange rate” for marbles..how many cats-eyes , or how many bloodtrackers etc…for a Tombola or the others in exchange. As young kids, we were pretty savvy at wheeling and dealing in those things we knew the value of.

Which brings us to these “Fantastico!” free-trade deals like the TPP flung around now like confetti at a sixties wedding.

Bring those same kids forward a few decades to these times and witness how they are forced to just watch as those things of value..: jobs, skills, family time and security….the chance to own a house to raise the family, the opportunity to establish a community of cohesion for local sporting clubs and interest groups to meet and play on a reserved for rest weekend..In short..: The value of a civilised life and society are traded away by this LNP govt’ more interested in making deals for mates than looking after the nation.

What happened to that?

What happened to those products we made and sold locally?

What has happened to our dreams , our kids hopes and to our decent, dignified jobs and lifestyles?

“Free-Trade”..That’s what has happened..all these “deals” done between Capital Control and International Corporations and members of a vested-interest government. NOT for the overall benefit of it’s citizens, but for the BULLSHIT excuse that ; “ making one person richer, will trickle down to make many richer”..via a natural gravity method of redistribution of wealth…like having a shit.

As Catherine Tate’s “Nan” would say : “ What a load of shit!”


I won’t pretend that I’m clued up on international economics, hell! It takes more than your humble chippy to know how to fuck-up an entire economy and bring about a Global Financial Crisis…You need a legion of qualified stockbrokers and a dozen or so international banks to pull that little beauty off with all the panache of a seasoned Patent-Medicine salesman!

No..I’m just your regulation tradie who knows a dud foundation when he sees one , and THAT base-line of LNP/IPA philosophy of an open market and unlimited “free-trade” via deals and wheels that turn a well-established manufacturing and production economy into a “just-in-time” service economy, where experienced professions and trades could see their factories, jobs and lifestyles get traded away to a cheap-labour production line in an “off-shore” deal that exchanged their futures for the equivalent of a container ship full to the poop-deck of hokkien noodles…well..I say to you useless bastards in the IPA / LNP..if a nine year old child can tell the difference in value between two different marbles, what do you reckon an adult can recognise with forty or so working years under their belt?

They can tell bullshit when they smell it!…And the Turnbull LNP and the Roskam IPA are soaked in the stench of it!

Take it away; “ Nan”.


Yes…what a fuckin’ liberty…and yet there were those who voted these dead shits in!…THEY , surely, were the ones who lost their marbles.




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