Broken Contract.

The people of Australia no longer have a contract with the LNP government of this nation. They, the LNP have through their selective aggression toward the vulnerable, the different ethnic groups, the refugees, the everyday citizens, be they employed by unscrupulous employers, be they unemployed and pushed into useless “work for dole” schemes, be they infirm, disabled or retired…all these groups are or have or are about to be targeted as some sort of “cash-cow” by a LNP. govt’ that has run out of ideas where it had none of substance to begin with and are victimising those very citizens whose well-being and well-fare they were charged to protect.

The LNP has chosen to sell the nation as a piece of chattel into a Free-market abyss and set all of us up as a cage-fight dog-eat-dog market place for everything from universal health to aged care and all in between…They have broken the contract that adheres citizen to loyal duty to the State. They have betrayed their duty of care and in doing so, have betrayed us ; the people and by association , they have betrayed The State.

We are now in the charge of a treasonous political party.

The LNP , along with its “handler” ; The IPA, has employed , at a cost to the taxpayer of near one billion dollars, a media baron whose paid creatures used his media platform to abuse, demonise the vulnerable , destabilise the infrastructure and demoralise both the people and the political structure of this nation…a situation in another time and place that earned a certain journalist traitor named ” Lord Haw Haw” (William Joyce) the death sentence..I..would not advocate such capital punishment to those responsible..BUT I would NOT protest against a thorough public horse-whipping to the guilty ones!

The social contract between citizen and State relies upon respect of both The People and in return, the holders of the Office of State. We have seen how those “holders of Office” have used and abused their finances and the finances of The State. Used and abused to the point of criminal offence, yet they continue to draw from the public purse more reward and privileges than what is afforded the most worthy of the long-term workers who build the foundations and structures and wealth of this nation. Theirs is the curse of near poverty living standards when retired, while the LNP “shibboleths” wade knee-deep in accrued largesse and “entitlements”!

The contract is herewith broken, the “deal” drawn up upon election day is torn asunder, the good natured agreement is now redundant and the respect once given is now withdrawn.

We owe this LNP / IPA  government nothing.. neither loyalty (THAT is reserved for those who give it!), dignity (THAT is given to those who return it!), nor the right to govern without contradiction and demonstration. This LNP government has betrayed us all and we will scorn them and demand that the next progressive government that comes to power will institute a commission or commissions to investigate and where appropriate to charge and castigate those creatures and their associates in the MSM who have betrayed our hopes , dreams, infrastructure and the very spirit of the nation.

The political contract may be broken, but the spirit of unity of nation and purpose is growing..growing even in the face of MSM disruption. Even against the propaganda of the MSM press and those grubby creatures  employed to demean and diminish our “fair-go” nature. No more will we tolerate the abuse and attacks upon our fellow peoples..We are a nation that has thrived upon a multicultural base and will move toward the future embracing all different ethnicity and cultures..there is NO PLACE for the liars, the thieves, the conniving swindlers of the LNP. Their days , like their ideological beliefs are numbered and the count-down has already started!



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