The Centurion’s Demand.

“…All this fed Pompey’s vanity, and he neglected to provide himself with soldiers, as though he had no fears; while with speeches and resolutions of the senate he was carrying the day against Caesar, as he supposed, although he was merely getting measures rejected about which Caesar cared naught. Nay, we are told that one of the centurions sent to Rome by Caesar, as he stood in front of the senate house and learned that the senate would not give Caesar an extension of his term of command, slapped the handle of his sword and said: “But this will give it.” (Plutarch ; “Life of Caesar” ).

Went out to dinner last night . We were given a table, the last available, right in front of the servery of the “open kitchen” know.. one of those restaurants that lets you see the chef and kitchen staff in operation as they prepare and cook the food. The place was packed with around (on quick count) 100 or more..much more.. was chockers and the kitchen was going flat out. This was no “fish’n’ chippery” kitchen with a “Bay-Marie” side-bar , all was ordered, prepared and served from the kitchen over that counter just next to us..and a fine cuisine too…and they were going flat-chat!

But the thing was, there was no ducking, weaving or bumping into each other, never a dropped dish, never a voice raised in frustration nor anger..this was no theatrical kitchen with no theatrical “Gordon Ramsey” howling down the staff..This was synchronised “poetry in motion” , as everyone from the waiting staff to the servery staff to the chef and his staff there behind that wall of heat and raw materials operated as equal and as busy as a functioning bee-hive…with the “workers” sweeping in and the “ hive managers” placing the nectar in the combs…beautiful to watch…beautiful to watch.

But this situation is not a new thing to me..I have witnessed it’s like before, though it never fails to draw respect from me whatever or where ever  it’s implementation. This is the “Centurion” at work…much like the Centurion in the introduction of this piece..and you could bet that soldier then was no “pretty-boy” soldier, but rather one of Caesar’s battle hardened and scarred veterans..perhaps “not a pretty sight” , but highly professional in skills and efficient in action. And that same applies to those “Centurions” in the workplace..on the shop-floor, at the building sites..these are the Sisters in the wards, the production managers on the shop floor and the foremen on the building sites..there are other people with other titles in other places..

These are the real managers of production, these are the “bricks and mortar” of civilisation in community, in society and in the three tiers of governance. These are not necessarily the people “in charge”, that is mostly left to the middle-class incompetents, whose only worth is in carrying a portfolio and demanding more sugar in their coffee. No the middle-class may have its uses in financing and networking, but sadly falls quickly into the world of the fuckwit when it comes to actual “on-the-ground” production and continuity of quality. No ..get THEM out of the way as quick as possible !

Which brings me to the reason for this little discourse with you…”We need to talk about The Boss.”

WE seriously need a social revolution to physically remove the middle-class from it’s positions of political power..NO..not by taking up arms against the state, but by marshalling all the forces of worker organisations and the ACTU with all it’s affiliated unions and including the civilian population of retirees and unemployed and we need to call a general strike and to march en-masse onto the respective parliaments of both State and Federal Parliament Houses and demand a removal of this most incompetent collection of time-servers that has ever de-frauded wages, perks and conditions from the nation! We need to demand these fools and their lick-spittle advisory bodies like the IPA. And the Murdoch press, with its shit-eating arse-licker staff to that foreign national..get the hell out of the people’s parliament!

And we need to replace them with people from the “factory floor”. People from the educated working class or of the first generation offspring of.. WE have the skills and the administrative know-how to organise and run governance..Those who know and have lived the experience of what is required and needed by this varied, multi-cultural society…this society who has the experience of caring for the sick, the damaged, the impaired and the elderly, for they will not go away through neglect nor cruelty.. We need ministers in governance with experience of how much your “average” family requires in a living wage to live with dignity and to live decently with their children. We need ministers in governance who understand the requirements of a balance between work / rest / family time…in short we need people who live amongst their fellow workers and live the lives of their fellow citizens..We don’t need drongos who are hold up in gated communities, travelling about incognito for fear of being accosted by a “grubby unwashed”. We don’t want nor need anymore those stupid “careerist politicians”, more driven by kudos and luxury than serving the nation and its citizens.

To those pompous, arrogant pricks who lazily reside in taxpayer funded mansions, their reserves of capital stashed in off-shore accounts, with their coterie of quasi-criminal oligarch connections and traitors in the Main-Stream Media:..WE- THE PEOPLE say, as that centurion said two thousand years ago :

“If you will not serve us and deliver to us what is required by us ; THE PEOPLE, then with a metaphorical slap on our “sword power” of the vote, we will TAKE from you THIS : The power of governance”

And then you can kiss our arse!


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