La Classe Décontractée. (The Casual-Class).

Food Delivery Drivers Are Driving To Deliver Products For Customers Who  Order Online. The Impact Of The Epidemic Has Increased Online Purchases.  Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 146581983.

The rising of the interconnected but dis-connected entrepreneurial internet class..:The “Gig Economy”.. No flag, no ideology, no nationality, no loyalty… security save capital shifting from tax haven to tax haven.

Description :

“The New Class Rising Podcast was created of today’s struggling Middle-Class. You’ve always followed life’s advice – you’ve gone to College, put in the hard work, have earned that Corporate J.O.B but now you find yourself struggling to stay afloat in this economy that is only producing a declining standard of living, year after year. Today’s Middle Class is buckling under the pressure of Student Loan Debt, Credit Card Debt, Taxes, a higher Cost of Living, Diminishing Wages and a downsized Job Market. At the same time, Government National Debt is the highest in our Country’s history, Government spending domestically and abroad is rampid, resulting in nonstop money printing – Inflation, which is a ghost tax on Middle Class income. Prices for food, energy and everyday living expenses are rising faster than ever before and America’s Middle Class family who works for a paycheck is red-lining – America’s Middle Class is being wiped out. But something extraordinary is happening! While America’s Middle Class is being destroyed – A New Class is on the Emerging! The New Class Rising podcast brings you Commentary on Internet Business and Economics and Interviews with real Internet Entrepreneurs who broke free from the normalcy paradigm and who are ‘killing it’ in their businesses. Are you ready to join the New Class?” (  New Class Rising with Hector Avellaneda.. ..)

Welcome to the gig economy!

There is also rising alongside this new economic class, a new political reality..This post from Jason was in reply to my posting on Julia Gillard : “Like empty shells scattered…”

Jason wrote…:

“The end of the Keating era also doomed the likes of Gillard with Beasley becoming leader who was more of a follower and wanted to be seen as “Howard lite” than lead a party of conviction.

The unions were amalgamating larger ones eating up the smaller, union reps not knowing who exactly they represented, and it give rise to the “careerist” These people weren’t cut of the same cloth as Gillard yes like her university educated they had no appreciation about the struggle their working class parents/grandparents were/had gone through as it wasn’t happening to them.

They became staffers to sitting MP’s and Senators and later MP’s and senators themselves because the rank and file were over looked as under educated even though they knew more about the topic than those who read it in a book but they already had the ear of the factional warlord and the numbers, come any vote.

The party and beliefs were secondary to the various warlords their career depended on, look at Eddie Obied as an example

When it came down to it The ALP failed Gillard and we’ll never know how great a leader she could’ve been as Rudd offered “careerists” jobs well above their station in life because they had no sense of loyalty to anyone other than those who could further their careers that would never have happened otherwise.” (posted by Jason)

This new reality of “political expediency” reflects the undecided nature of much of today’s Right-wing politicians, swinging from one indecisive policy to another, always looking for the safe popularist branch on which to build their next tree-house. There is an infection that has spread between the Right-Wing parties, and that is the nervous uncertainty of just where capital investments and therefore jobs are heading.

Much of this has come about because of the deregulating and selling-off of government owned enterprises and utilities. These former govt’ “pools of employment” gave security of employment to many thousands of people and a guaranteed income to be pumped back into the community. It also had the added bonus of taking on many hundreds of apprentices every year and led to a training of the local population to fill the skills needs for the private sector…A sector who has pushed and demanded of their lobbying their favoured parliamentary ministers to sell off those same govt’ enterprises for minimal return to the nation and maximum profit to the private sector, whom, it must be said, let those same enterprises run down to minimum standards of both maintenance and capital investments…added to the reality of multiple sackings of previous permanent staff and the halting of new apprenticeships.

The energy sector is a good example..the communications sector another..manufacturing a third..we could go on…and on…..and on…but you already got the idea !

Now we are inundated with how to “Get Rich” in the gig-economy..Start-ups .. or : Re-packaging the Snake-oil.

It’s a nightmare of chaos, chicanery and the acceptance/embracing of the false doctrine of post-modernist capitalism intruding into civilised society.

There’s a smell of rotting fish and it’s not emanating from the Nordic States, but rather from the claims that the number of unemployed has dropped in Australia and the government has “created” hundreds of thousands of “new” jobs..But what are those “new jobs”?…are they just a newer version of casual work? Part-time or “Zero-hour” work with all the responsibility for sickness and expenses dropped back on the shoulder of the worker?..

“Although the government is celebrating meeting its target of creating one million jobs in five years, a benchmark set by the former prime minister, Tony Abbott, in September 2013, the ACTU said only 60% of Australia’s total employment is made up of “standard jobs”, leaving four million workers in what it defines as insecure work.

Insecure work is the biggest issue facing Australian workers,” McManus said.”

This new class should, by right of aspiration be the property of the right-wing side of politics, except that they are so slow, they have not yet recognised it’s potential as a political power and also , it clashes with the Right’s ideology of conservatism and managed “economic feeding” of an economy. But even worse, this “new paradigm” of what constitutes “work” and a “job” is nothing more than the old grab for cheap-labour and is cheating our children of the skilling-up and training needed for them to create a future for themselves that is both fulfilling and dignified occupations. These “gig economy” jobs are in many cases, just tin-pot bits and pieces of employment taking advantage of our young and leaving them broke, unemployed and with minimal skill-sets for re-employment.

The Left should move on this territory, like the unions, seizing the ground to regulate and guarantee a secure internet operating platform to allow safe development of those industries that flow from the new resource. A Left govt’ could protect, if it cannot slow, this new generation of “employment” and nurture the national interest of this developing class , giving reward with secure, cheap and large gigabyte access to broadband by reinstalling the “ Fibre To The Premises” policy as promised and deliberately keeping govt’ contracts to a domestic server rather than shifting contracts off-shore or bringing in 457 visa workers where a locally trained workforce would be available.

There is so much opportunity for the future, if only we had a federal government that would “think globally , act locally” to protect jobs and training for its own citizens.



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