The Hand that Writes the Paper.

Let us begin this little dissertation with a quote from Louis Althusser in a paper from 1968;

“Philosophy as a Revolutionary Weapon.”

“You know what Lenin says about ‘intellectuals’. Individually certain of them may (politically) be declared revolutionaries, and courageous ones. But as a mass, they remain ‘incorrigibly’ petty-bourgeois in ideology. Gorky himself was, for Lenin, who admired his talents, a petty-bourgeois revolutionary. To become ‘ideologists of the working class’ (Lenin), ‘organic intellectuals’ of the proletariat (Gramsci), intellectuals have to carry out a radical revolution in their ideas: a long, painful and difficult re-education. An endless external and internal struggle.

Proletarians have a ‘class instinct’ which helps them on the way to proletarian ‘class positions’. Intellectuals, on the contrary, have a petty-bourgeois class instinct which fiercely resists this transition.

A proletarian class position is more than a mere proletarian ‘class instinct’. It is the consciousness and practice which conform with the objective reality of the proletarian class struggle. Class instinct is subjective and spontaneous. Class position is objective and rational. To arrive at proletarian class positions, the class instinct of proletarians only needs to be educated ; the class instinct of the petty bourgeoisie, and hence of intellectuals, has, on the contrary, to be revolutionized. This education and this revolution are, in the last analysis, determined by proletarian class struggle conducted on the basis of the principles of Marxist-Leninist theory. “…”

Now here we are in the 21st century with almost a complete denial that there is a class-war happening in Australia.. ”egalitarianism for EVERYBODY!!” seems as if the working class has graduated from wage-slave to a kind of “self-employed small-business person come contractor middle-class status elite.” consensus. This handy elevation ..or is it degradation?..allows the right-wing political spinners to include many more once marginalised voters into its “broad-church Catholicism” of all-inclusive all for one-one for all free-market philosophy….Or to put it in lay-terms..” WE; the (economic rationalist) people..” thus allowing for a broader inclusiveness in their “middle-class” pork-barrelling to secure votes.

The losers in all this now being those “fringe-dwellers” and pensioners in Willy-welfare-land who were unlikely to vote conservative anyway. So it must be fair to ask ; “How did it get like this?”..or at least approach the topic as suggested by my opening title..: Whose was the hand that wrote the paper on this ideology and where did it start?

This blog’s credentials being “left-leaning” and supportive of Labor Party principles and governance must therefore be an embracer of policies best serving those of us wanting a “fair go” for the majority of citizens. Given that a vast majority of the citizens of this fair land are of wage-earning employment, with most on a living wage / survival income that does not allow much over for social services needed for a civil , healthy and self-respecting lifestyle, we are reliant upon a government that uses our taxes to put in place those services best placed to assist the everyday citizen. Yet, in contrast we have a dissolute collection of capitalist / fascist ideologues intent on  driving many of us into the ground in poverty and desperation…Again, I ask : Whose is the hand that writes the “paper” (read policy) that delivers these cruel conditions?

Is it the Aristocratic class..operating a covert network with the Queen as head of operations, much like a Mi5; “M”..or;  the “Wizard of Oz” pulling levers behind a gold and diamond embossed damask curtain?…of course not..of course not..

Is it then those ultra-leftist communists, operating from old Soviet “cells” hidden bunker-like under those houses of iniquity ; the Trades Halls dotted suspiciously (rather TOO suspiciously) about the suburbs?…of course not..of course not..

Is it then those of a boring collusion of like educated, like upbringing, like suburb, like philosophy, like enriched and like the high-life middle-class whose uniformity of a lack of novel ideas , lack of creative inspiration, lack of courage to tackle seeming insurmountable problems unless armed and dangerous and a lack of principled ethics that will allow both major political parties to court and spark after a voter both now corrupted by over-consumption or starved by under funding with a thinly veiled tissue of lies and dis-information?…of course it is…you know it is.

These..are the ones who “wrote the paper” on social strata, social status, social needs and those who must socially bleed. The entire system from education, economics, infrastructure and ethics (but certainly NOT morals) was and is continuing to be “written” by the middle-class..NOT the newly “elevated” slum-suburban Kaths and Kims , but rather ; the “old school” of patriarchal business people, backed up by a veritable legion of lawyers-cum politicians who not only sing from the same song sheet, but spend all their leisure time composing , with condescending hums, arias and soporific hymns to be servilely copied and chorused by this newly “enriched” and obsequious wannabes but who in truth will never-be once their over-reached credit card constructed towers of deluded pastiche come crashing down with the next (inevitable) financial collapse.

I believe it is time the working-class and I include in that title all those from the “producing class” , wake up to the situation and call for a separation of social policy from opportunistic politics. This “cross-pollination” by our “left-wing” politicians playing too close relations with their same school (private colleges), same aspirational, same social mixing chums on the right-wing side of politics needs to stop, and needs to stop NOW!…before this “disruptive revolution” that gives rise to the Hansons and the Bernadis of this nation lays “legitimate claim” and then waste to what was once the rock-solid base of Labor voters.

I say : It is time other hands write the political paper of this nation.


2 thoughts on “The Hand that Writes the Paper.

  1. There is a strange phenomenom where if you asked a person if they would be willing to give $50 a week to end the suffering of the many in need then most people would reach into their pocket and offer willingly. But, when it comes to a government doing this on those people’s behalf then it is seen as something objectionable. Maybe it isn’t the act itself but the fact that the government has turned it into some sort of crime to be in need and those seen as supporting these people in need are somehow encouraging this need when in fact it is the actions of the government that are firstly producing the environment where the need grows and secondly making those they have made needy the ones at fault.


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