No Place for “Old Men.”

(Time for a new manifesto for Left-wing policy.)

It has to be accepted, with the rise of right-wing reactionary politics, the “old ways” are dead and gone. ‘Polite Politics” has no place in the twenty-first more can Labor hope to rely on their “welded-on base” to give them their vote on trust..on past reputation..past glory. There is a new demand out there from a rising demographic that no longer has faith nor confidence in what may be termed ; “Management politics” from a middle-class elite.

This rising class is not a brand new people, but rather the old working class moving to claim ground that has for a long time been the reserve of the middle-classes..the high-educated classes..the professional classes..For too long has the political majority relied upon what the many were assured was the professional skills obtained through a private or tertiary education necessary to manage the economy and to “steer “ the nation. Recent years of clumsy governance and wasteful spending have demonstrated what sort of bullshit floggers this class of “professionals” were…and enough is enough! There is a revolution going on right under our noses, it is the producing / working class rising against the managerial class and it is just starting and what the left-wing needs to do is to play it’s role forcefully and fearlessly in this battle and claim the “ground” that is rightfully theirs by history , by fellowship, by unionism and by Christ what is honest and respectful of the people!

The right-wing have been quicker to recognise this shift in voting patterns and players like Pauline Hanson and Clive Palmer were swift to sell themselves and their policies as representative of that class of dis-enfranchised voters. Well…bullshit to her and her kind!…Hanson is no more representative of the working class than was Attila the Hun..Any allegiance she ever had to the working class was sold off years ago when she joined the Liberals and she is nothing more than a class traitor! Like all those false prophets of “friend of the worker”, she will betray us again and again and like The Greens, she cannot get ANY policy change through without selling their soul for the support of the LNP…and then THEY will double-cross her at the first opportunity..just like they did The Greens..every time!

But the Left..; Labor needs to embrace a more radical manifesto..a more socially equitable manifesto. Labor needs to not just play ; “pat the ball back to the other end of the court”, Labor needs to “slam-dunk” for a home goal by re-instituting that base requirement of a stable and fair society.  Labor must make policy to re-nationalise the energy grid and the production and supply of power. Labor needs to re-establish a control on the banking sector with a new Federal Bank that can work with the Federal Reserve to hold down and control interest rates on homes for the majority of working people. Labor needs to draw up policy to rationalise the armed forces to create a real and viable “DEFENCE FORCE” for the nation..NOT an ATTACK FORCE that gets sent to everyone else’s conflicts all over the globe, but rather concentrate on this local region and this nations’ defence and make it so that even young people of ALL nationalities resident here would be willing to serve some time for both skilled trade training and in defence of their homeland. Labor has to retake control of the communications and broadcasting sector to deliver the new technology needed in this new century.

There has to be a greater role for the Trade Union movement in the management of wage and conditions at work. Experience has shown time and again that the so-called “private sector” and the “Free-Market” cannot be trusted to deliver a decent living wage nor safe working conditions. Labor must create a solid, trustworthy bureaucracy large enough to give certainty to a civil governance needed to run a competent and just society. The same can be said for education, disabilities and social services.

In short, there is no more room for the shonky speculators and “fly-by-night” entrepreneurs to use our nation as a cash-cow for their own amusement and enrichment..The same with foreign owned media..tight restrictions are needed to stop  foreign nationals from paying-off local toady journalists to undermine and sabotage national infrastructure for foreign corporations…and those local journalists who persist must be brought to trial for treason!

As the bard sang .: “The Times they are a changin’ “ and a future for left-wing politics must be representative of the wants of a new demographic..A demographic of workers and producers who demand fair and respectful representation equal to their unstinting giving of labour and taxation, rather than being run to ground by those managerial elites who seem to get the most representation without the least taxation!

The future is a place of multicultural mix of ethnic groups, it is no place for the “old white Anglo men” of politics.


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