Quo Vadis ?

“Wither goest thou, Lord?” (quo vadis?)..This question was supposedly put to Jesus by St Peter when he met his master on the Appian Way whilst making his escape from Rome.
“I am going to Rome to be crucified again”..was Jesus’s answer. Whereupon, St Peter , in a guilt of conscience at abandoning his faith, turned around and the rest…
I as this same question to us all on The Left..:
Quo Vadis ?..Wither goest thou?
Where are we going?..Is it so hard to answer..Let us look from whence we came..in just one or two generations, the citizen body ( the people) along with the Unions , other non govt’ organisations and concerned bodies..along with the Progressive side of politics ..The Aust’ Labor Party, we have lifted the living standard of most of the citizens of this nation to a level of decency so far above that of the early years of last century as to be unrecognisable..until..the rise of this current crop of filthy fascists hiding behind a construct of “decency” as thin as and as fragile as stage scenery.
Like the props of a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta, replete with bumptious mock generals and a buffoonery of side-kicks, the Right-wing stumble about the political stage like drunken thespians, forgetting their lines and ad-libbing where serious concentration is needed. This parade of fools under the “command” of a Faustian Admiral adorned in cock-feathers be-lying his emasculated personage , is now undoing all the rights and standards needed by the people and required by decency to maintain a civil society.
Aided and abetted by over-paid, over-subscribed scribblers who have sold their national allegiance and their country of birth to a renegade ex-pat’ now foreign national for their “Judas Purse” of small-change..This country is in the grip of the usual fascist delusion that with a firm grip on the throat of the citizens, it can squeeze the life-blood from the nation and it’s workers….The stupid fools have yet to learn that , like fine dust ; the harder you grip, the more you lose!
So where are we going…we are going back to basics..the best place to start..we are going to wipe the black-board clean and re-write the rules of good governance..we are going to re-walk the path to good and fair nationhood..it doesn’t need physical confrontation in these days of social media..it just needs a concentrated , concerted voice..like the song above..all singing the one song in the one direction..But we do need to radicalise our minds and get our passions riled and maintain the rage on these pages..
So to those who ask ; “Where is the Left and where is it going?” ..Quo Vadis?..We are going back on the road to once again strike the blow for equality , decency and fair governance.
Now..Let’s hear that song again..

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