We’re Going to Federation Square.


Quo Vadis…

I’m going to Federation Square,
I’m going to join some friends there.
I’m going to Federation Square ,
To confront a national peril.

There’s a mood gathering there,
With people in Federation Square
We’re off to stare-down there,
The ugly face of evil.

They’ll no doubt bring their rags,
Their bogan-slogans, usurped flags,
The plug-ugly scabs and hags.
With their hate and bigoted drivel.

So I’m going to Federation Square,
Myself and my friends to share.
The fight for all that’s fair,
To hold onto our civil rights!

Are you coming to Federation Square?
We will all meet together where
We confront the Fascists there,
To fight for our right to be free!

So ALL to Federation Square!
ALL people gathered there!
We’ll take those bastards fair,
And kick their arse to buggery!



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