The Navigator’s Course.


The archives of destroyed empires have demonstrated and collated the series of steps and procedures that have brought about their decline and downfall. There is no surer evidence of pattern or personalities that could be laid upon the table of possibility of failure of present governance that this readily available historical record.

The mechanical technology , that is ; weaponry/ physical techniques, that is used may change with society, the time-line that brings on sudden action may be hastened or delayed, depending on population demographics and transport, but the organics of peoples patience and rising anger, coupled with opposition to their wants and needs by a despotic political party persistent in frustrating social urgencies or aggravating political expediency remain fairly constant through the course of history, regardless of ethnicity or location.

The commencement of proceedings usually begins with a strategically favoured group using the existing laws to bring accusation and vexation against their political opponents. But this in itself can have no effect except to create controversy unless the accusations can be brought to convict or dismiss from office those accused…and such can only successfully be done if one party has the law enforcement agency “on-side”..”Rule must needs authority…Authority must needs men-at-arms”..the first law in authoritarian control . The subtle takeover of strategic departments that would frustrate a controlling party is a priority..This takes money for favours.

The second priority for control is ; Partners. Most preferably those who have or who value what is most treasured in the community..; wealth..those who have wealth , treasure it above all other things and would do anything to protect it. Those who value wealth aspire to have it and so would do anything to get an opportunity to gain it..these latter are your “moral” foot-soldiers, “moral” because they so believe in the accumulation of riches that they see no ethical barrier in doing “whatever it takes” to get there. They will argue your point, no matter how invalid or pusillanimous because they “so believe in it as every individual’s right and freedom”.

The third necessity and perhaps the most important is the means of spreading the “word” and “promoting” the ideal. In ancient times notices or edits were distributed over the empire to be read out to a gathering at markets or by a “crier” in the square. These days we have a transmitted media that is relentless in it’s broadcast of propaganda…by radio, television and internet. The ownership of these broadcasters is of utmost interest to the controlling government..without favour from those who control these media outlets, a govt’ cannot hope to stand for long…we have seen most recently good governance brought to it’s knees by a mischievous and sometimes downright lying mainstream-media.

The interplay of back-scratching between media moguls and those who wish to govern has never before plumbed the overt depths of these times..the interplay of groveling obsequious and outright cowardice between employer and employees in both private and public broadcasters has never before been so clearly marked. There was a time when shame and dishonour would see a lowering of eyes at the mere mention of the deed, and the family name shaming would bring certain banishment upon the individual in acting so cravenly..but now, the open disdain for honest reporting or decency and integrity in investigation, has seen callous individuals proudly shout their fool’s message and their bumptious buffoonery for what could only be the equivalent payment of a “Judas purse”. That such self-debasing could come at so cheap a price as mere money is a telling of the low character of the players in the modern mainstream media.

The final playing out of this inevitable scenario is the “validating” of authoritarian policy by incriminating those who would protest with public defiance and marches against the what is now known as “Fascist Principles” of governance. If there is no challenge by high-ranking figures in the judiciary or bureaucracy of such fascist principles (keeping in mind the recent removal of such bearers of office), then who can challenge them?..and if the method of armed civil control is already in the hands of the govt’, who will be able to forcefully evict them? And if the current govt’ curries favour with foreign powers who prefer their form of control, who can come to help the people?…..


And then , given the usual amount of passage of time while each member of a corrupt regime attempts to out-do the other and the vested interests who back them in plundering the treasury and common-wealth of the nation, leaving it bankrupt and it’s people in poverty.. the same corrupt members will quietly slip away to leave a destitute, broken nation open to whom-ever has the where-with-all and the might to seize control..followed by the usual purges and pogroms against the remaining citizens…for details of THAT chaos..go to the appropriate histories..there are dozens and dozens of them.

And if you are one of the deluded fools that entertain the belief that it wouldn’t, couldn’t happen to good old Oz..well..what can one say..except ; “we’ll read about you in the history books one day”.

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