The Viper’s Bite.

Australia is now a wounded animal, it’s social , political and cultural psyche is wounded and the wound, like the viper that strikes at it’s own wound, is now poisoned by a vile attitude and fear that has penetrated to its very heart.

This poison first penetrated our body social and politic from the time of the conspiracy of the LNP’s Malcolm Fraser with the drunken sot ,crown representative John Kerr to conduct a coup against the democratic elected govt’ of Gough Whitlam. This act of gross treason against the people and the State of Australia deserved to be answered with the most summarily justice possible..Whitlam should have torn up that piece of fraudulent paper, and sent the raging mob to give rough justice to those traitors involved and hung their rancid carcasses from the girders of the bridge spanning Lake Burley Griffen till their rotting corpses dripped piece by piece into the sludge of the bottom of the lake. THAT would have both expediently cauterized and sutured the political wound that now is poisoned by the continuity of LNP. corruption. This corruption has spawned a plethora of opportunist individuals and minor parties quick to “cash-in” in every sense of the phrase on the “divide and rule” culture promoted by the conservatives of the country.

The metaphorical “Vipers Bite” that has poisoned our people and society has dragged on much too long, giving us govt’ after govt’ of self-righteous LNP. conservatives that are better suited to corporate servility than civil governance. They have betrayed our economy through destruction of manufacturing, our society through pitting one section of vulnerable people against another and have betrayed our delicately emerging culture through isolating only one specific Euro-culture and claiming it as dominant over all others and to the detriment of all others including the bleedin’ obvious indigenous culture..

If ever there was a political party most deserving of physical removal from office, it has to be the LNP., for it now appears obvious to even the most obtuse that they are in obsequious servitude to foreign media, foreign corporations and their own pecuniary interests. Nowhere, in four years of governance is there a budget visible or has even passed that provides for the benefit of either nation nor citizen on the whole. Selective groups, selective education platforms and vested interest lobby groups are most catered for while the most vulnerable even to the nations aged workers relying on a well-earned and contributed to pension are belittled, demeaned and demonized as bludgers or welfare leaners. Such abuse of a nations own citizens gives serious credential to the claim that the LNP. is a party neither fit nor deserving of the right to govern..such a party that best serves with a forelock tugging obsequience toward the most wealthy taxation avoiding conglomerates and criminals over their own people deserves to be removed from office by the most expedient means possible , with extreme prejudice!






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