The Creeping Poison of The Lie.


It is common knowledge that while a truth will give strength and courage to a moral cause, the lie will only weaken one’s position and weaken one’s moral argument. What we now see in both the LNP. Govt’ and its pimp; the MSM. is not only has it blatantly lied on policy intent and delivery, it is now reached the position , along with it’s  pimping media, of LYING about when it lied…the corruption is complete, it only can go to physically defending it’s illegitimate position from here..and rest assured, without drawing on Godwin’s Law on this, those “operatives” from the IPA.,along with the fools from the Hansonist  side of politics possess ALL the ingredients of Himmler’s Gestapo or Mussolini’s Fascisti.. and I doubt there would be any hesitation in their psyche to use such!…There is nothing new under the sun.

There is a great, continuing historical lie that the Barbarians destroyed the physical structures of ancient Rome..As Gibbon has pointed out, those Germanic warriors,  educated in both the Latin tongue, culture and military tactics of the Empire had neither inclination nor time to do any damage of a lasting nature to the solid edifices of the Capital. Considering that the conquering armies only remained in the capital to loot for from 3 days to 15 days, they only really had time to lift the more portable wealth to carry away on their wagons and packhorses…No, the sad truth and horrible lie is that the catholic church under subsequent Popes looted from and destroyed the alters and temples and burned the original, irreplaceable  manuscripts of that pagan civilization to both enrich their own basilicas and palaces over a personal liesure and millennial timeline.

The Abrahamic religions have and continue to wrought great and grave destruction on ANY agnostic or atheistic civilization. The blind obedience to such ignorance is no more than a pathological sickness that has granted , in our society, the likes of political right-wing elements to dwell in a sick , paranoid hiatus on a deep-seated fear of the different.

My own Father, an escapee of fascist Italy, along with a host of other Italian refugees from that murderous foolishness were interred for at least four years during the 2nd.WW. along side their arch enemies ; the fascist sympathizers in Aust’, for no reason than just being here. The ongoing contribution of those same internees after the war is a story of incomparable success of the multi-cultural story of Aust. Yet now, in this day and age, after a multitude of ethnic group successes of integration into our nation , we STILL get these sick delusions of unconscious fear of the unknown, not just by Anglo Australians, but also from Euro/Asia migrants several generations entrenched in the country .

Which persons or what lie is fuelling this fear?

Simple..look as Cicero did in prosecuting the case of Verres…: “For whose benefit?” is the question and the only answer we can come to is; the conservative side of politics. You hear no argument against immigration of whatever  ethnic group from the ‘Left” side of politics, nor from any currently vilified minority group..only from the right-wing crazies and the Machiavellian LNP. and their associates. It is beyond time that the Right-wing have some sort of therapy to address this deeply ingrained fear factor that holds the country back and isolates us from the greater community of world inclusion..There is a healthy community gathering going on “out there” and many are here hiding behind the drawn curtains too afraid step out for a promenade with our neighbours. It is an indictment upon the nations leadership that progress has stalled on this most important policy.

It is a sad, sorry and unforgivable state indeed.




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