The Final Solution : The LNP. and Democracy.

The answer to that pesky problem of Democratic Governance by Bureaucracy  for John Howard floated serenely over the Australian horizon with the arrival of the Tampa with a number of refugees rescued on board..who immediately morphed into “illegal arrivals” and were dealt with by sending a detachment of SAS. Military to take control of the situation.

With that one svelte move, John Howard had crossed many international treaty lines, many democratic ideals and usurped both bureaucratic and military convention and took Australia momentarily by his unilateral decision to use the military for a domestic political solution, to a “Military Monarchy”…With himself as “head of State.”

This was no small moment in Aust’ history…no shrug of sleeper awakening..this was THE clue, sought by the conservative side of Aust’ politics since Menzies left for his “adopted home” on English soil to admire that ; “…butt that did pass him by…” This action, pragmatically unchallenged by any constitution or military legality, gave conservatism the “physical” clout that would guide their hand in many future decisions both domestic and abroad.

But it was only a temporary incursion into military monarchy, the conservative mindset from Turnbull / Abbott to Howard to Fraser to Menzies is not one to usurp REAL regal power..that is why it is always a “forelock tugger” to Buckingham Palace before it would take a major step like domestic treason. It is why Fraser would “consult” the Governor General before acting a coup..something Whitlam and subsequent Labor govts’ would not consider in their wildest frolics on the lawns of The Lodge.

“ Impracticableness of the Ideals…: However much of the ideal of his party and of his youth–to found a Periclean government in Rome not by virtue of the sword,but by virtue of the confidence of the nation–Caesar had been obliged  to abandon this in the struggle with realities, he retained even now the fundamental idea–of not founding a military monarchy–with an energy to which history scarcely supplies a parallel.Certainly this too was an impracticable ideal–it was the sole illusion,in regard to which the earnest longing of that vigorous mind was more powerful than its clear judgment.  A government, such as Caesar had in view, was not merely of necessity in its nature highly personal, and so liable to perish with the death of its author just as the kindred creations of Pericles and Cromwell with the death of their founders; but, amidst the deeply disorganized state of the nation, it was not at all credible that the eighth “king of Rome” would succeed even for his lifetime in ruling, as his seven predecessors had ruled…” (Mommsen; “History of Rome”).

One could never imagine Julia Gillard usurping military right to enforce domestic policy as has the LNP.  SHE governed with democratic bureaucracy, and governed very successfully. Unlike the LNP. leadership with it’s quasi military “Borderforce” and the now affiliated “AFP” and “Asio”. Tony Abbott was very keen to talk about a “Guided Democracy”..the idea of himself as head of state in such would see a new type of Military Monarchy that would fulfill his adoration of monarch with his love of martial rule. If such a order of governance could have been put in place..and we have to concede that there was work being done to allow more power..MUCH MORE POWER (witness the Flinders Street Border Force “stop and search” day in Melbourne recently) to those arms of martial authority, then coupled with the meta data surveillance by Brandis and the placement of IPA. apparatchiks in the Senate and retired military personnel in places of authority, the scenario was set for all the makings of a new “Guided Democracy” that satisfies both the conservative love of Monarchy and demand for “Born To Rule” power…and it was only the complete incompetence of that ‘c#nt-struck” imbecile that forestalled its implementation.

There is a danger with installing a military flavour into a democratic government that can have far reaching consequences for the future of a nation..:

“…the standing army–after it had during the last civil war learned its power and unlearned its reverence–once more as a subservient element in civil society.  To any one who calmly considered to what extent reverence for the law had disappeared from the lowest as from the highest ranks of society, the former hope must have seemed almost a dream; and, if with the Marian reform of the military system the soldier generally had ceased to be a citizen,the Campanian mutiny and the battle-field of  Thapsus showed with painful clearness the nature of the support which the army now lent to the law.  Even the great democrat himself could only with difficulty and imperfectly hold in check the powers which he had unchained; thousands of swords still at his signal flew from the scabbard, but they were no longer equally ready upon that signal to return to the sheath.  Fate is mightier than genius.”

And THIS is the eternal flaw in “far-sighted policy” of the prepared as they are to unleash reprimand and admonishment upon a peoples, they then do not have the power to pull back in check those vicious implements they gave licence to enforce such demands..History lends evidence to the result.

John Howard’s “final Solution” to his confected “illegal immigrant crisis” has laid the ground-work for a desired form of governance that stands ready in the darkened shadows of democracy, neither total dictatorship nor tyranny, but certainly a blunt-instrument toward the Abbott (and one would suspect many others)ideal of a “guided democracy” with a “selected” Head of State.

“Caesar desired to become the restorer of the civil commonwealth,and instead became the founder of the military monarchy which he abhorred; he overthrew the regime of aristocrats and bankers in the state,only to put a military regime in their place, and the commonwealth continued as before to be tyrannized and worked for profit by a privileged minority.”…

(All quotes taken from ; Mommsen ; “History of Rome” )


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