People do Ask.

People ask ; “how could it be that Australia has come to this?”..But the answer is right there, revealed in one generations lifetime..From the Fraser treasonous “gaming” of a drunken, deluded sot of a Governor General, to the conservative machinations of  High-Court judiciary and cemented in situ by the sniveling bile of a store-keepers son to “…choose who will come to this country and the means by which they do it”…and to that whine of desperate acknowledgement of the insignificant, was added the beggars chorus of the once hid-in-shame racist bigotry of  redneck, bogan “battlers” from the rest of the drunken deluded sots of the nation.

This “movement” of racist insistence to be heard, not unlike any other rush of need to relieve one’s bowels of waste of space, has it’s roots, it’s “philosophy”, it’s creed, it’s demands, it’s blind obedience to the guiding hand of imbecility and callous disregard, in the party-room of conservative politics. The root and branch of such nation destroying vomit (one can not honestly call such ; philosophy) has been copulated, promulgated , incunabulated  from the guts of  the whoredom of LNP. ideals. These thieves of both dignity and booty do now wallow and embrace all that which once was seen as dis-honourable and disgusting in our land.

“The notion of honour in theft too was already developed ; the big robber looked down on the little, and the latter on the mere thief, with contempt ; anyone who had once for a wonder been condemned boasted of the high figures he had extracted. Such was the behaviour in the provinces of the successors of those men who had been accustomed to bring home nothing from their administration but the thanks of the subjects and the approbation of their fellow citizens.” ..Mommsen.

I fear that the progression of hate and debasement of minorities, encouraged by a servile MSM. will reach a pace unstoppable save for the release from this life of certain media moguls, redundant political figures and a forced submission through charged commissions royal of many members of the above Party and it’s affiliates.

Their criminal intent is obvious, their division of the nation is obnoxious and their persons not wanted in any society that seeks conciliation and integration into a fair, just and equal community. NO country, NO society and NO civilization survives on a diet of cruel oppression for any longer than the oppressed take up whatever arms are at hand and wreak havoc on the very structures that support that society.

THAT is not an opinion, THAT is example of the entire history of human existence…NOT an if or but, rather a : WHEN.


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