A “Boomer” Perspective.

Once upon a time.

In many years hence, when the cold, unconcerned hand of historical research vivisects this period of Australian politics, not only will it detail, with wincing eye , to those researchers, the incomprehensible ineptness of this LNP. government, but it will surely blink in disbelieving wonder at the complacency of a goodly proportion of the populace to tolerate such obvious interference and corruption from capital-based corporations and lobby groups.


Not since the time of Julius Caesar, have such cashed-up cabals, with their “affiliates” , equal in disaster, violence and intent to the rampaging days of the political gangs of Clodius and Milo had such bribery and coercive influence been used. There will surely be more than a little mirth when the portraits both pictorial and matched to the verbal utterances of persons like George Brandis or Christopher Pyne are held to the historical lens and their activities dissected and displayed. Comparisons could easily be drawn between the most comical characters of a legion of dramatists of the theatre.


But there will be another analysis, I believe, that will have heads shaking in dis-belief..And that is how a society moved from a deeply caring, non-aggressive multicultural success story to a divisive, racist, scornful mob. Irony and satire aside, there will be confusion at the cognitive dissonance of that section of society who, refugees themselves to a colonized land, could then set upon– both those refugees that followed them to freedom and those who occupied the land before them—with all the tools of crazy outrage that such folk could have intention as to”steal” THEIR NATION from under their very feet….there will have to be question raised about the collective sanity of the era.


But I am thinking I could save some time if I can explain here, the strange motivations of the “abandoned generation” that is currently in power in Australia. This generation of conservatives sprung, doomed, like late season fruit from the baby-boomers “Tree of Liberation”..


There are three phases to the “baby-boomer” generation..: The first, from the immediate latter war years to the fifties, then the second wave from the early fifties to the latter years of  the decade, and then the doomed “left-behinds” of the late fifties/early sixties. The first were subject to the hard militaristic discipline of their parents..the second were spared such severe social punishment through the “boom years” of the mid-fifties, the third were the lost-cause of child-rearing once the great social revolution of the sixties got into full swing.


The first wave of baby-boomers set a hesitant stumbling pace of radical change..a change more marked by a shift in style of fashion and music, than in social behaviour..in THAT they grudgingly stuck to the old principles…mostly..there were social radicals sure, but they quickly fled to the greener pastures of Europe.


It was left to the second wave of “boomers” to shrug off the local yoke of “work-ethic” demands and obedience to create a many-headed hydra of wild abandon to seek alternative knowledge no matter how discursive or obscure, from Kahil Gibran to Kant , from Nostradamus to Nietzsche, from The Beatles to Bach to Leonard Cohen..we spread our “search” to the widest of wide open spaces, into the depths of confining crypts..Abandoning job security, our homes and family ties, casting aside the very cloth of our society, we threw ourselves into the teeth of a world-wide social storm and stood as children naked!…To quote Milton in Aldous Huxley,,: “Eyeless in Gaza at the mill with slaves” and it was this searching, the gathering together of the many threads of life’s loose tapestry that ended up giving us the nous to see back to the past behaviour of our parents and grandparents and to project forward to envision a near future that allowed us to cultivate what was beneficial to our body and soul and to cast aside that which was detrimental to the well-being of a society…but in a lot of cases, it must be admitted; it was chance washed us up Robinson Caruso like on this Island of good fortune.


THIS , though, was our mistake ; to selfishly leave the following “children of the night”, the last born of the generation in the wake of our parting ship…to wallow in little spiritual reward and gross waste of a ruined society of post-mortem Menzies, post boom years sixties, post Vietnam War and an emerging brutality of Hollywood fantasy and worse..MUCH worse..; disco music!


They were left in the rubble and we were gone.


Armed with all the historical example that our self-awakening study revealed , coupled with a self-confidence in our gained professions, did we not carve out of the remains of decrepit conservatism our own private Australias and set about securing our financial borders for the very thing we never really believed would come …old age.


And now..here we are, somewhat bent with age but still rebellious , at the mercy of a medical intervention system that we instigated for our old age protection , but sadly now beholden to a political class that both despises our past capabilities and resents our past abandonment of their persons in the post revolution hangover.


It has to be noted, that while we of the second wave boomers may not have bred these frustrated conservatives, we were remiss in not seeing that where our parents failed by clinging too tight to their last children, we did not take these waifs, these orphans of a lost conservatism regime along with us for the ride of their lives! We should have..We should have!


But hey…we would then surely, perhaps,  been accused of perverting the morals of a minor.







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