J’accuse ! – MSM. -J’accuse !

An open accusation toward the Fourth Estate / Main stream media..on their sabotaging of the Labor gov’t of Julia Gillard. But still relevant today.Indeed, it needs an update to take into consideration all the acts of gross bastardry that have followed on from that dastardly act of National betrayal which crossed the lines of treason against the democratically elected government of the Labor party. The MSM. has colluded to propagandise against and to act in conjunction with foreign interests to sabotage many pieces of social and manufacturing infrastructure integral to the stabilising and functioning of our State of Australia.

With the next change of govt’, to a more progressive govt’ there must be implemented some sort of tribunal to assess the infiltration into national politics those vested interests from outside this country who used and rewarded their “agents provocateur” to undermine, destabilise and demoralise this nation just to assist in the plunder and rapine of our economy and resourses. Any persons found to give allegiance to, assist the helping of or to receive payment from any foreign national incl’ any media mogul, that wreaked havoc to the political situation and social well-being of the peoples of this nation must be referred to the attorney general for consideration of criminal prosecution…This treason must stop!

Now here..given my trade is but that of a Carpenter / Joiner, you’d be excused for dismissing my missive at this very juncture as the ravings of an irate citizen. BUT..given that I have been working in my trade for over forty-five years, you’d have to grant me experience,same as yourselves, in public interaction and give me time to deliver my complaint to you in terms best understood by all and not misunderstood by any.

If there is one thing experience and time in ANY public interaction occupation, be it .;  Carpenter, policeman, teacher, spare-parts salesman or even journalist, it is the accrued skill to “suss out the situation”…if I may use the vernacular. For instance ; when I first meet with a customer to look at a job and give a quote, I not only have to access the site etc. I also have to do a quick “once-over” of the person I am going to be dealing with….and I had better be accurate as many a budding “self-employed” person has been bought undone by the overestimation of a customer’s capacity to deliver when it is pay-day! This is where life-experience allows one to use language, nuance and observation to make reasonable judgment of the client.( An excellent and wiser estimation of this requirement can be found with such an article by Clarence Darrow…”On selecting a jury”).

The second principle of good work is time…I constantly hear of the 24hr. news cycle making it difficult for journalists to meet quality with quantity, given the demands on their time. For that I can mostly agree…there are times when work-loads do tend to crib into each other…BUT, this again is where experience comes in to foresee a situation arising and to make preparations for such, and one would imagine that a journalist, with his “ear to the ground” would be very savvy to a developing situation.

For instance…I first posted a shorter version of this piece on a site that had several profesional people as moderators..two of which are self-employed contractors..one ; is a optical lens manufacturer / polisher..of the highest quality..A post I read many months ago where he enthusiastically related his success in polishing a lens to such fine measurements, he felt called to share his excitement at the quality of finish NOT..not out of a sense of self aggrandisement, but that internal self-rewarding feeling of a job well done! The other is a trucking contractor , who started the site with little knowledge of blogging technology, but a fistfull of confidence that HE could tackle it…a confidence gathered, I’d warrant, from years of coordinating and timetabling loads and schedules and personally “mixing it” with highway traffic and conditions that would try (as we all know!) the patience and vocabulary of a saint.

I relate all these facts to you because I know, as we all know that having a loaded and busy schedule is no excuse for shoddy work…if there was,that professional’s lenses would be “cross-eyed” and the trucking contractor would be smashed on some highway up the coast, and I would be “called back” to right the wrongs of my constructions. Those with long experience at their craft are constantly thinking of technical points relating to that job even while sitting relaxing, or on the road or even at another job…plotting the lines, the theme, the time-line, the length or load…not to mention the personal obligations of our everyday lives. The skilled “Professional and Artisan” must have the capability to do this even while doing handstands to entertain the kids!….There are no excuses for sloppy workmanship in the professional work-world. It disgraces both the craft and the creator.



I accuse the Fourth Estate / Main stream media of deliberate negligence in accessing the source and validity of their reporting material.

I accuse the Fourth Estate of mendaciously slacking off in the preparation of their work and failure of dedication to ANY quality of delivery.

I accuse the Fourth Estate of submitting their collective necks to the yoke of Media Mogul ownership and a willing “servant” to that ownership.

I accuse the Fourth Estate of “gross indifference” to the veracity of their craft and to seek personal vanity over value of the news product.

I accuse the Fourth Estate most of all in the lack of professional application to the “dignity of letters”, a dignity bestowed through a good education and favourable employment that has allowed yourselves the pleasure to deliver, in print, with your own by-line, articles of what ought to be erudite delivery and succinct and truthful opinion…as against the cautious uncertainty of the amateur, whereby one of such self and mixed education as yours truly, must place oneself in the front line of possible literate ridicule just to draw attention to YOUR shortcomings.

Now, after reading an ‘expose’ on the main stream media’s / ABC’s attitude toward accurate reporting on the failings of the LNP govt’s version of the NBN. …I accuse you of the most gross cowardice and behavior not worthy of a loyal citizen of this nation…I call you ALL ; filthy traitor!

I accuse you, I accuse you , I accuse you…..and in the end….I DAMN YOU!









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