A Tale of Two Cities.


Once upon a time , there was a large city in a large country. This city was populated by two groups of people, each group thought the city was functioning to their perceived operating procedures..ie; they though they knew and controlled the outcomes of their living standards and careers…hence the title ; “ A Tale of Two Cities”..where, in fact, there was only ONE city with two deluded factions.

The first delusion, was that the affluent middle-class , with the help of  a colluding main-stream media, had created a fantasy world of how all thing ought to be bright and beautiful, if only those peons who work for a wage or make things ,would see the light and allow the affluent middle-class to regulate and control and distribute to a perceived fair and measured amount, their wages, services, health system, education system, defence structures, all national economic interests and communications and energy networks…if these minor trivialities, these small things were left in the hands of that managerial class, that is best “private school” educated and skilled to manage these things to best account, then the City , indeed , the world would be a better place for all…and especially the affluent middle-class!

This class of people had been taught by their tutors that had learned from other teachers and so on, how systems operated..they knew that if you pulled this string, or turned this knob something happened that would light up a board, register some numbers and those in charge of statistics could calculate for the next pulling of the string or the turning of the knob!..BUT!..but they didn’t REALLY know HOW these systems worked..not the nuts and bolts of the structure of the system..but that didn’t matter to the affluent middle-class..for what they didn’t know, they could hire plenty of people onto their staff who did!..or at least, told them they knew.

You see, there was the delusion.; “Give us control and we will deliver the goods” they say..how they were going to do that was of no real concern to the deluded main-stream media, it was enough to just say it! So they took the tiara, placed it on their heads and called themselves : “Princess”.

Now..that other deluded faction of the city; the bogan workers, believed THEY had control of the production and the maintenance of the city…sure, their free time was taken up with all sort s of distracting pleasures..; sport, reality tv, The Block,  music festivals or weekends off at the beach . They did hand over, it must be admitted, administrative control to that other class of citizen, as they believed from what was taught them from birth that the highly educated and better-born were the best to manage the economy and government.. the rich were rich for a reason. THAT was their delusion..that any form of governance MUST be that which is imposed by those trained by others who were trained to know how best to govern !…of course, it was a quiet joke by the affluent middle-class on those more gullible.

So between these two deluded strata of fools, society disintegrated into a farce, much like every civilisation or society in recorded history..it is indeed an old, old, sad story… Manufacturing;  the backbone of the working class, was thrown out as too expensive when cheap labour, “slave labour”from another country could be exploited to do the same job..but that was ok, because the workers could all get jobs in the mines for fat wages…but only for as long as the affluent middle-class could manipulate the markets..then it was on the dole queue…again!…but that was ok. Because they could trust the affluent middle-class to look for their welfare, because they could be trusted as they were the best to manage the economy…they had told them so. And there was a safety net there for those who needed it.

BUT..there was a catch…: Catch 22.5 ..: If you were in such a dire state that you needed or asked for social welfare, it was certainly there for you..However, if you needed it,  it just showed that you were not competent to manage your own affairs..you were a loser, a “leaner”!..and therefore didn’t deserve to get it…it was some catch, that Catch 22.5 !

But that was ok..after all, hadn’t we always been told that the affluent middle-class were in the position they were because of their supreme intelligence and capability to manage and control social structure?..We are STILL told that.

It would appear we have been told all sorts of bullshit…let us lap it up…Onward Excelsior..a fool’s paradise awaits !




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