The Fourth Estate..: The Traitor’s Gate.

In the light of  many past revelations of crimes against humanity, the most common excuse uttered by the citizens and the common soldiery have to be : “ We never knew it was happening”…and ..; “ I was only following orders”. Both now known to be either untrue or operating in a state of deliberate denial. Whatever the reason, both are seen to be unacceptable to a court of human rights law.

The behaviour of The Fourth Estate (The Main Stream Media –MSM.) within the Australian democracy is completely in keeping with the above excuses. Particularly and because of revelations brought to light by the recently empowered “Fifth Estate “- Social Media / Twitter / Blogs. The closing of ranks within the MSM. since their many obfuscations and outright lying, has formed a cabal of behaviour and Group-think reporting up there on a par’ with the worst of Nazi Propaganda. The ownership / influence of much of the MSM. by one corporation has infiltrated and infected all the other outlets even including the supposedly independent ABC. which has it’s commentators referring to that same tabloid press to legitimize their own prejudices on a daily basis.

This cowardice against their own principles was seen most clearly in the cruel degradation of the govt’ of our first female Prime Minister; Julia Gillard. The vitriol, lies, defamation of both her , her ministers and her partner beggars belief in this twenty first century, except for the fact that most MSM. editors are operating on a nineteenth century patriarchal platform, where any woman of independence and authority is seen as a potential threat and behaving “above her station”…and in due course, is treated with all the slighting and cruelty bestowed upon the “uppity niggah” of the slave plantations of that past century.

We have seen this cowardly treatment of women and govt’s from both genders of those MSM. journalists. The most “in your face” example was the gross, cowardly and depraved treatment of Julia Gillard by the radio “shock-jocks” and through encouragement and deliberate strategy, the bringing into The The House floor, by the most craven coward ever to don the honourable mantle of “Member of the House of Representatives”, a slander confected and implied against the Prime Minister herself, purporting to be from the emotion of the Prime Minister’s recently deceased father, that he :”died of shame of his daughter…” A most depraved and disgusting piece of political strategy worthy of one of the most demented Shakespearean villain ..but totally in keeping with the baseness of those who thought it up and those who spoke the words.

The resulting spontaneous rebuttal and excoriation against the Leader of the Opposition who spoke the words has become known throughout the world as the ; “Misogyny Speech”…, an emotional rebuttal delivered impromptu with the knife edge keenness of the executioner’s blade..with the arrow-head sharpness and thrust to pierce the armour of a knave..and with all the measured aplomb, timing and dignity of the rhetoric of an insulted Regent..

Yet, THE ENTIRE PRESS GALLERY AND THE OUTLYING MSM. missed the gravity of it COMPLETELY!! …Missed it completely!..and not only THAT, while the rest of the world, millions of women in fact , were punching the air in simultaneous approval, the MSM. in Aust’ TO A PERSON..were punching out press releases accusing the PM. Of ..wait for it!..: “playing the gender card”..


And then, rather than admit their crass stupidity, the Fourth Estate,..these ; “Protectors of Democracy” set about to destroy Julia Gillard and  her govt’ through vulgar accusation after vulgar accusation..She was : “barren” , “Bob Brown’s Bitch”, “A Liar- a witch”…who should be ; ‘Taken out to sea and drowned in a sack”…”kicked to death” ,” have her throat cut”..and the rest too numerous and repetitive to mention…even her long term partner was accused to her face of being a homosexual merely because of his skilled profession.

All this and not one…NOT ONE..MSM. journalist stood up for their trade ethics or their own professional integrity to denounce these most crude vilifications from the headquarters of a media outlet controlled by the most proven vile dirty old man in the whole world-wide industry…all done to appease a dirty old man’s vitriol…The shame is a disgrace, the professional stench is putrefying…The betrayal of our democracy is complete.

And the dying shame is that it is continuing. We all saw “ The Treatment” divvy’d out to an impoverished man who dared ask a simple, honest question on the ABC.’s ; Q&A. program. A question that caught the member of a lying govt’, favoured by the dirty old man, on the hop. No stone was left un-turned to get ANY salacious detail about that man’s life…Social Security details (normally a secure private, locked dept’ would think), any police / court records, even dragging an estranged son from a previous relationship out into the public spotlight, just to vilify a private citizen…to vilify YOU or ME….and if not for the spontaneous outrage of the now vociferous Social Media, I do believe the Fourth Estate would have without the slightest demurring driven the man to his death with all the glee of a Coliseum mob howling for the spurt of someone’s ..ANYONE’S ..blood!

The MSM. has disgraced US as a source of information and news…the ABC. has disgraced itself as a source of unbiased news and views…Our Democratic system has been corrupted by the Fourth Estate delivering misleading, lying, obfuscating and trivializing of policy through it’s various media platforms to a public . Policy information essential to the many trying to make a balanced voting decision for the good of the nation, rather than for the financial gain of a dirty old man from another nation.

The MSM. has disgraced ITSELF, with now not ONE reliable, honest reporter that can be seen as supplying straight copy. It is no wonder many of the more decent graduates of journalism leave to seek employment in a more ethically salubrious a more respected media landscape. For to thrive in the Aust’ MSM. cabal, one has to don the pancake make-up of a thespian and deliver one’s confected lines with all the theatrical mummery of amateur stage-craft. One has to be as low as a pickpocket, as devious as a tax-dodger and as filthy as the Ebola virus.

The Main Stream Media has betrayed us as a nation. Has betrayed us as a people and has betrayed us as a confident in the maintaining of our Parliamentary Democracy…All for the glittering prize of money and a modicum of fame. The shame is theirs to wear no matter they hide from the public behind gated communities or a cover of inconspicuousness. The shame and disgrace is theirs as is the act of treason. And I for one pray I will never be suddenly accosted by any one of their kind less the temptation to spit in their traitor’s face be too great a temptation!

3 thoughts on “The Fourth Estate..: The Traitor’s Gate.

  1. Thank you we are the bosses of government yet these parasites dare to tell us what we need what to think where we sit on the ladder call us pensioners we are a drain on society yet we worked and paid taxes so our parents could retire now they say we a blugers and have to work till we can’t handle a shovel a pick we didn’t have supper untill the late 90s we are sick and tired of being put down to feel ashamed by Murdock and his henchmen LNP they are destroying what was once a great country to be proud of our achievements to apologise for wanting to have a rest most of a us labrous left school at 14 or 15 to help our parents but today every body believes we should be supporting them I don’t read papers any more haven’t for a few years after what they did to Julia Gillard Kevin Rudd and so on and as far as these life destroying barstards are in power we have no hope .


    1. You are right on the money there, Bernard…I suspect that you like me and so many other working people started work at a young age and in industries that demanded hard physical work. I started in the building industry at fourteen years and worked in it for all my working life and by the time I and ALL of those other tradies reached 65yrs, we were knackered…and the retirement pension was our right after producing so much infrastructure for the State…unlike those bastard non-producers pontificating on our lives…


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