The Politics of Chaos.

The Right Wing Political Solution.

It is the hot topic on every RW. Minister’s lips…every Business Lobby representative…: “Smash the Unions!”…of course they point to “outrageous wage demands” or the “Trade Union Royal Commission” or any other plethora of faux “criminal activities” to justify their reasons for a union free workplace zone. Of course, such a situation would very soon degenerate into wage-slavery and create social chaos..: “…Wars, famines, economic collapse…good growing climate for capitalist ‘entrepreneurs’ ”.

Yes..good growing climate..The dismantling of social welfare also would indeed suit many of the darlings of the Right Wing..coming from an already advantageous roots, they run with the delusion that it is THEY, their own singular prowess and higher intelligence that has got them to the position they now claim as their right..whereas to indulge oneself in such a belief betrays just the opposite kind of intellect..and they will use every tooth and nail machination to hold that position and the devil take the hinder most!

But then , if and when they have dismantled the unions, and proceed to implement their fascist “corporate state” on the workforce, they certainly have no intention of dismantling the plethora of ‘Business Network Groups”. No! they are legion and they will stay to guarantee that what their marriage of politics and capital have joined , will not be pulled asunder.

There already exists a multitude of such networking groups that exist to promote the interests and welfare of large and small businesses..sort of like “corporate unions” that lobby govt’ to impress the need to look after enterprise profits. There are also a multitude of service clubs, who under the guise of “service to the community”, lock in potential attitudes and candidates suitable for election to local govt’ and push forward the most conservative views in the community.

Below are some of those business network groups most known to us..many are regular lobbyists to the govt’, and they are not backward in coming forward with ideas to crush the unions, while at the same time not shy about advising some businesses about “screwing the public” out of as much tax money as possible. These could be said by some people to be the real “criminals” of society and I believe some future social govt’ will have to deal most severely with them!

[ I deleted those groups out of consideration to the legal complications…but you know who / what to google.]

Joe Stalin was too soft!

Then of course, we have the IPA. …

Such a group of amateur bean-counters would sit more at home in a kindergarten sand pit with some of those wooden alphabet blocks trying to spell out the word “me”. because THAT’S  about all they are about…: ”The rights of me”. Their puerile “100 point plan” would ensure social chaos on a civil-war scale if implemented ..and with the obvious exception of their privileged upbringing, one has to wonder how some of them have lived so long!…perhaps all that is needed to finish their education is a stint of intern experience in downtown Gaza-strip to acquaint them with what could be the result of their labour.

But THIS is exactly the politics of chaos they and their kind seek..a chaotic situation where every worker has to compete against other workers, where like in the great depression, you couldn’t even straighten your back lest you be replaced by another “more willing” slave..Where a so called “free market” delivers the bailiffs to the door of the pensioner as swiftly as the escort agency delivers a sex-slave to the door of that same corrupt and perverted capitalist class. Where political protest is met with swift retaliation from a servitude policing force ready and willing to use every injurious piece of armoury at their command..Where “rule of law” is in reality ; “rule of corporate law”.

If we go back over the already destroyed industries and conditions the right-wing govt’ has done, we see : The motor industry, shipbuilding (still at risk!), renewable energy infrastructure and manufacturing, high-tech / medical tech innovation destroyed with the failed NBN. , now un-funded social policies too numerous to list, Tourist destinations at risk from lack of action on climate change..the Murray-Darling basin irrigation likewise, International relations scorned and foreign aid demolished..there is already hardly any area that has not been blighted or completely smashed by this delinquent govt’ Glory knows how a Labor govt’ is going to be able to resurrect the whole schmozzle of LNP. destruction.

One can envision any remnants of the RWNJ’s in the future setting up their own little fascist state, much like ; Salo…Mussolini’s last resort..:

“ Mussolini set about creating a reformed version of fascism, one that supposedly had learned from past mistakes and included elections and a free press. His “Verona Manifesto” was the blueprint for this new fascist republic-the Republic of Salo–where his government departments had fled in light of the Italian surrender to the Allies.

Of course, there were never any elections in the new fascist republic, and no freedom of anything. Salo was little more than a police state clogged with aging Black Shirts–corrupt, viscous, and delusional.” (quote).

It is with heavy heart that one reflects on how much damage the right-wing side of politics has done to our international standing and the domestic cohesion. But the direction they are still pursuing will only take us further down that path to complete their desired politics of chaos.

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