Cred’….: Who’s Got it. Who Gets it. Who’s Earns it and Who Burns it!



Interesting thing ; this “Cred” must be some sort of affiliate of “chic”..or ; “cool”. Because some people seem to have it in spades without seeming to have earned it nor asked for it. Of course, there are those who are granted it from birth status, or wealth status without having to explain or apologise for it’s present company wherever they is just there and the press flock about seeking the opinion of those who “have it”, regardless if they talk absolute facile garbage whenever they open their mouths!


It seems our current PM. (Turnbull) has it..or so we are told by his admirers (the press…AGAIN! )..Of course they do not use the vulgar terminology of “cred”, they say that he is a “good debater”..or a “excellent communicator”..even a “ experienced businessman”..Never mind that he appears to mostly have failed in each of those titles whenever he has applied himself to them in reality…and I am reminded of the “Fawlty Towers” episode when Basil is trying to impress the guests at the dinner table with the suave, confident revelation that his parents fore-saw a future for himself in medicine, only to be interrupted in his delivery by his weary wife ; Sybil, interjecting at just that moment to announce ; “…and so he came to run an hotel…”


All cred’ is lost in one fell swoop by someone who knows the truth!


So we have a PM., who although a failure at many of the things he should have cred’ for , STILL is given the benefit of the doubt and the title remains..perhaps because of his wealth…after all , THAT seems to give the holders of such; automatic kudos, with another perception that the wealth must have been earned by scrupulous means. Yet the PM. Has his money tied up in unfathomable overseas tax accounts in some unfathomable islands in some fantastical paradise..He has wealth ; he must have cred’..Eddie Obied , I believe, has wealth…but HE has no perceptible cred’ least not in the public eye..but has he done anything worse than our current incumbent?…It would be a debatable point…and SURELY we are ALL aware HOW GOOD a debater the present incumbent is! sum up that part..: You can get it unearned from birth status, wealth status, race status…You can get it hard earned from sporting prowess, professional work, literary / academic achievement . These are the most public platforms of renowned cred’.


So what is left for us plebs’? us ; “every-persons”? Are we to go through life as rejected drones with no acknowledgement of status save a little stick-on badge on our jerseys showing we have ‘given’ to the “Disabled Juggling Society” as you go about the shopping centre? Or because you are known in the local community as the rep’ for “Neighbourhood Watch”, a reliable letter-boxer of their flyers?


Is that all there is for the sad-sacks of the suburbs / regions? That or the equally sorry self-promoing of guests at the dining table of your local hotel?..


Sadly, it seems…yes…( or at least as far as I can make out..perhaps you, yourself have a better supply of that most sought after commodity).


You are not alone..I..have no “cred’ “, save a tragic modicum every now and then when I scribble a piece of satisfactory prose…and THAT can easily be burned away in the next piece of totally UNSATISFACTORY  prose…it is that fragile for a “nobody”..My partner, A nursing sister / tutor who has a doctorate under her academic belt , has to endure many moments of tiresome rhetoric in her field of health expertise from unqualified local committee members overriding necessary procedures for the better medical health of the community in a committee she volunteers on…Why? ; because she does not place the earned “letters” before or after her name…so it is lack of cred’ by default you could say..yet she still has the expertise there, that you would think would give her a hearing more respectful to her station..but why not?..because those local committee members have “local citizen cred’ ” where she, being a “blow in”, has none..But hey!..isn’t that always the story..nothing to see here folks..move along.


What I find most resentful from those who have “cred’ “ bestowed upon them through no earned capacity , is the presumption that when they announce their preferred slant on this or that subject, one is fully expected and indeed encouraged by a coterie of “noddy” supporters to simply go along with the status if just by the announcement of the “favoured one’s” edict, the point is settled. Sorry..s-s-sorry..I want to see evidence. I don’t want to see a confident smirking face in an expensive suit..I want to see evidence of cred’ earned.


“It is especially the rule of the conspicuous waste of goods that finds expression in dress, although the other, related principles of wealth repute are also exemplified in the same contrivances. Other methods of putting one’s financial standing in evidence serve their end effectually, and other methods are in vogue always and everywhere; but expenditure on dress has this advantage over most other methods, that our apparel is always in evidence and affords an indication of our wealth standing to all observers at the first glance.” (quote..)


THAT , is how one can get status cred’…vicariously through a designer label…We all know people who aspire to or use it..yet surely, to a civilized palate, such ostentatious display should detract from a person’s cred’ rather than add to it..yet we see many from the conservative side of The Parliamentary House, AND their nodding supporters , giving the most vulgar ostentatious displays of their bling and booty AND being boastful about it!..


“The standard of reputability requires that dress should show wasteful expenditure: But isn’t all wastefulness offensive to native taste? The psychological law has already been pointed out that all men—and women perhaps even in a higher degree abhor futility, whether of effort or of expenditure—much as Nature was once said to abhor a vacuum. But the principle of conspicuous waste requires an obviously futile expenditure; and the resulting conspicuous expensiveness of dress should therefore be intrinsically ugly. Hence we find that in all innovations in dress, each added or altered detail strives to avoid condemnation by showing some ostensible purpose, at the same time that the requirement of conspicuous waste prevents the purposefulness of these innovations from becoming anything more than a somewhat transparent pretense.” ( quote..)


You know..I kind of prefer cred’ conceded through those close associates who are in regular contact with you..; The respect from the trades or the service people one comes in contact with on a regular basis..or neighbours and friends who through a history of familiarity of conversation, shared teas or work experience will not need constant display or reassurance of your capability or good intentions. Surely, it is these acquaintances and friends gained over a lifetime that gives one the confidence to broach new ideas or projects with the knowledge that however weird or crazy, your “cred’ “ as a reliable friend can be in no danger of being burned to the ground.


Sadly, it must be admitted that as age overtakes one, such close friends succumb to the inevitable fate of us all and one can be left fending off the wolves of cynicism and derogative suggestion mostly by oneself. So I wonder if it doesn’t hurt to leave behind at least ONE creative thing that above all the speculation and palaver of your “life worth”, demonstrates that HERE is one undeniable bit of “Cred’” that cannot be taken away from you.




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