To the Beat of the Drum.


Sooner or later this year, we are going to have an election. This election outcome is very important for social, environmental, economic and infrastructure well-being for a majority of the nation. It can be accepted as gospel that a re-elected LNP. would spell disaster for most of the above categories as far as the everyday citizen is concerned..and one can be assured that a returned LNP. would soon unleash a social purge upon it’s more vulnerable or radical citizens.


This blog, along with others in the news delivery game on social media and a large Twitter following are all urging the ALP. toward a victory next election. And while we , on the periphery of political discourse can shout outrage and reveal what LNP. corruption that the MSM. is too “yellow-backed” to expose, I believe we need to show those political leaders that represent us , whether they be mainstream parties or independents, that we “have their backs”. No one person can take on the juggernaught of vested interests in the MSM. , the now corrupted ABC. and big-business media spending for the LNP. without knowing that they have the support of those they wish to represent.


It is getting near to the date for the election to be called and I believe we on the left-wing social media need to coalesce toward one track, one intent, one heartbeat.. A joining of separate blogs, perhaps, to coordinate articles that have a “continuity of subject” , a “continuity of exposure” of LNP. corruption..a continuity of message of encouragement and step.. The entire left-wing social media cooperative could do worse than to coalesce toward the beat of the one drum.


“In many cultures, Native Americans, Zulus and so on, drums were beaten before a battle to work the warriors into a frenzy and to un-nerve the enemy. Even British soldiers two hundred years ago marched into battle to the sound of drums.” (random comment on a random blog)


At the moment there are any number of links to and from items of outrage about this or that LNP. member or supporter or policy…these links, like a shooting star; flare up, extract a moments oh’s and ah’s! and then fade away…perhaps we could donate a day or two on all the major blog-sites to the one or two most outrageous acts of bastardry by the LNP. and hammer it home , from post to post, link to link…blog-site to blog-site extrapolate the issue until it saturates twitter and hopefully overwhelms any MSM. dumbing down or obfuscating of the issue.


For instance…today’s information on the submarine contract..or lack there of..This is one of the most important policies for Sth Aust’ LNP. election strategy…yet there is not much MSM. info on the French side of the deal…Then there is the PNG. Manus Is’ debarcle..this is a major corruption scandal in the making as the LNP. tries to bribe certain parties to do their bidding…as sure as eggs!


This election has all the hallmarks of a turning point for the nation. Lobby groups like the IPA. and Big-Banking etc. stand poised to overwhelm the egg-shell casing of Turnbull’s LNP. if he gets re-elected. The nation that we used to know will be sunk beneath the waves…you know it , I know it, a huge section of social media knows it. We need to coalesce behind our selected members and step in unison and shout in enthusiasm to that beat of OUR drum.





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