A Revolution Against the Middle Classes !

A  Call to Revolution!

Ma’ frens’, we need a revolution!..not to overthrow the state, but to replace the political, administrative and social control from a subservient middle-class with a more homogeneous mix of  blue-collar, blue-collar and more blue-collar people…But I am not talking the stupid blue collar..; the bogan idiocy, nor the racist, bigoted goons who wrap themselves in a jingoistic flag and usurp the name of “The People”, such trash will always be trash and more than likely aspirants for a middle-class lifestyle.; “I want to be effluent, mum, effluent!”

Now is the time for those of the producing classes, the “hands-on” skilled classes to take control of governance , training and administration of our nation. Such responsibility can no longer be chanced in the hands of those more willing to serve mammon and the vested interests than the interests of a nation and its peoples. For every time one attends a community forum or council meeting , it seems one is met with obfuscation, legalistic blockage and administrative hurdles, not necessarily for the benefit of good governance, but more than not for the benefit of this or that group of speculators or old family interests. We need “good governance”, not a reward system for mates!

After all, it has always been the diligence and ingenuity of the producing classes who have advanced humanity through new discoveries or technology…never the financiers nor the indolent managers…BUT…they have always claimed reward and kudos for it!

From Victor Hugo ; Essays on Humanity.

“…The cleverness of the governing and the apathy of the governed have arranged and mixed things in such a manner that all those forms of princely nothingness have their place in human destiny; peace and war, the movement of armies and fleets, the recoil of the progress of civilization, depend on the cup of tea of Queen Anne or the fly-flap of the Bey of Algiers.

History walks behind these fooleries, registering them. Knowing so many things, it is quite natural it should be ignorant of others.

If you are curious to ask the name of the English merchant who in 1612 first entered China by the north, of the worker in glass who in 1663 first established in France a manufactory of crystal, of the (shipping) pilot who in 1405 discovered the Canary Islands, of the Byzantine lute-maker who in the eighth century invented the organ and gave to music it’s grandest voice, of the Campanian  mason who invented the clock by establishing at Rome on the temple of Quirinus the first sundial, of the Roman lighterman who invented the paving of towns by the construction of the Appian way in the year of 312 BC.: of the Egyptian carpenter who devised the dovetail, one of the keys of architecture…of the Chaldean keeper of flocks who founded astronomy by his observations of the signs of the zodiac… “..

And on it goes, the distortion of history to serve the interest of the “managers of education”…sure, education must be managed, but in the interests of the whole of society, not just directed into cul-de-sacs suitable to the financial gain of this or that section of society.

But why are you learning this from me ; a mere carpenter, a nobody, a minute cog in the juggernaut wheel of society?…because, my fellow workers..you’re NEVER going to hear it from those who know better than to have you know too much!..”A little knowledge is dangerous” they warn…but we can now see that “ A whole lot of  knowledge is deadly!!” So leave us with our collective knowledge, after all it is not intellectual copyrighted…

To Quote Thorsten Veblen..:

“The institution of a leisure class has an effect not only upon social structure but also upon the individual character of the members of society. So soon as a given proclivity or a given point of view has won acceptance as an authoritative standard or norm of life it will react upon the character of the members of the society which has accepted it as a norm. It will to some extent shape their habits of thought and will exercise a selective surveillance over the development of men’s aptitudes and inclinations. This effect is wrought partly by a coercive, educational adaptation of the habits of all individuals, partly by a selective elimination of the unfit individuals and lines of descent. Such human material as does not lend itself to the methods of life imposed by the accepted scheme suffers more or less elimination as well as repression. The principles of pecuniary emulation and of industrial exemption have in this way been erected into canons of life, and have become coercive factors of some importance in the situation to which men have to adapt themselves.

These two broad principles of conspicuous waste and industrial exemption affect the cultural development both by guiding men’s habits of thought, and so controlling the growth of institutions, and by selectively conserving certain traits of human nature that conduce to facility of life under the leisure-class scheme, and so controlling the effective temper of the community. “ (“Theory of the Leisure Class”)

No longer can we serve under that sickly-sweet fondant of middle-class tackiness that has more an ear to the stock-market than to the street, that is more attuned to serving a insincere “Old School Tie” motto of ;” Tempus celerius radio fugit”, or ;” And Gladly Teche”, or; “Postera Crescam Laude”…but enough!…let us instead reflect upon that old alma mater motto of everyone..: “ Non illigitimus carborundum!”, or it’s primary institution..; “ Non credus taurus excretum!”….

But seriously..

If ever there was a signal of the decline and eventual destruction of a society, a culture and perhaps of a civilization itself, it is the rise in influence, financial control and political power of the ‘middle class’. From ancient Greece and it’s Oligarchs and Rome’s Equestrian Order, to the height of the British Empire and it’s Captains of Industry..it will destroy the USA. too with their “Masters of the Universe” Wall Street bankers . I will confidently state that the decline and fall of every society which has reached it’s pinnacle of  social, financial and civil administration skills, can be sheeted straight home to the rise in control and management of governance by the upper-middle-classes. It is both the zenith and nadir of a people’s achievement. Let us not be mistaken nor tricked..; an “old school tie” reputation means more to these hustlers than loyalty to the nation it is sworn to serve.

But it won’t end there, with their incessant analysis into every corner and worry of our lives, it won’t be long before those bourgeois economic hypochondriacs have us in therapy or on a metaphorical  echinichia oil for everything from fear of stock-market collapse to shopping malls emptying! Directing, as usual, all their monetary attention to what is most important in THEIR lives…; THEIR bank balance. For with THEIR media dominance, THEIR design of  indoctrination has led the most easily influenced into a trap of ; high credit, high consumption …and low taste in entertainment for those masses.

The insincere concern for the most vulnerable in society, through faux Christian charity programs can be evenly matched by the vicious snatching away of real, State financed programs for the long term…seeing many of the vulnerable, ill, homeless and most in need as ; “leaners” and in such a situation through a perceived fault or choosing of their own…the perception amongst the more wealthy of the middle-class being that they achieved their level of status through their own hard work and ingenuity…yet you look at them..; slovenly or loathsome..opportunist or plain criminal..liars or cheats, and you are certain that never in a lifetime of Sundays could they have obtained ANY position save crawling on their knees without a network of like-minded and like-supportative bastards!

The middle-class has corrupted nearly every corner of our lives…from simple, wholesome food to simple hard-won finances..they have corrupted our language through pedantic manipulation and twisting of the vernacular and idiosyncrasies of the mother tongue into a perverted blancmange of tedious and boring grammatically correct doggerel.

Our songs have been debased from a voice in the street to a fully orchestrated 32 channel syrup of “pop queens” and “boy bands” to faux radicals , pumping out mass-produced crap that one can neither tap one’s foot to nor shake one’s fist with…the whole “of the people” structure has been bleached into a white-noise of acceptable, non-aggressive political theatre, our ambitions are being “managed”, as is our language, our finances and our cultural heritage…but then we have to at the same time thank Christ for their destruction of the environment, culture, social structures and all we hold dear..for now they, in their overconfidence and cocky indifference, have shown us the face of our enemy…

On the issue a declining middle class..I have no sympathy…To me it is personal. I can recall the times when both the front-bar and the smoko room was the fermenting places for the last vestiges of oral story telling for the working class. The greedy aspirations and economic rationalism of the middle class has destroyed them both..

The Front bar was the place to see and hear the liars and spielers, the pompous bastards and the braggadocio…and their stories reflected that personality..one could write of them freely…the smoko spot, be it in factory or in-situ on a building site was where one heard the deeper tales..the personal trysts of the tradies and their families…I have written many of them up.

Smoko, when I was a tradie, was inviolate..at around 10 o’clock, there would be a general “down tools” and all would gather in one room or another and the camaraderie of the collective would gel…if anyone kept working on, there would be a general : “Hey!..cut it out…smoko!” and that was the rule.

With the rise of the aspirant tradie, no more than a cheapo reflection of the bastard middle class establishment, there was lost that “gathering”…With the snazzying up of the hotel front bars, until they almost cease to exist in the old format, there was a change of clientele to the “beige beautiful people”…all has been destroyed for the likes of our slimy prick PM. who shovels his dosh overseas to a tax haven like so many of his ilk.

Many of you may notice that the tales I write are of a certain age group…that is because it is at that age group that the stories have stopped in my mind…oh sure, there are still stories both joyful and sad…but there is something so, so horribly banal and suburban about them now…there lacks the “heroic” ..and the creeping bogan aspiration has “dirtied” the noble and honest and reduced the working class from a proud, qualified expertise to a just-in-time , “multi skilled”, casually employed workforce, more desperate for money and more in need of camaraderie than ever before.

It is a sad state of affairs and I lay the blame to a greedy, manipulative middle class, too insecure in their own minds to just let the affairs of humanity have a bit of a breather to tell their tale, and if I can be a tad poetic..: sing their song!

I believe it is time to write a new “Manifesto” for society.

The opportunist middle-class…time to rid ourselves of this pestilence!

Time for a social revolution!



5 thoughts on “A Revolution Against the Middle Classes !

  1. Look when I wrote that piece, Trish..and I have been pumping out hundreds since then…and now we have this mob back inagain..but you are right in that the “soft-cock” Progressives…some of whose names I believe you may know…have been white-anting working people for their own extra bit of “soft-serve froth” on top of their caffe-lattes.


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