Dust the Lillies.

When a catholic priest goes to a convent to hear the confessions of the nuns there, it is said he goes to ;”Dust the Lillies”….the lillies, of course, being the ;”Lillies of the fields”…: The nuns.


“Dusting the lillies”.


Wither goest thou, Father John,

On such a splendid day?

Do you follow whimsy’s course,

A carefree wanderer…say?

A laugh, a smile, pause a while..

Then, cautious answer, yea..

“I go toward yonder gate,

Under stately blue-gum tree.

There, (with blessings of God)..

I go to ‘dust the lillies’.

To dust the lillies gently,

Lest such petals fade and die.

I’ll embrace their hips,

Kiss their lips,

And whisper a little white lie!”


2 thoughts on “Dust the Lillies.

  1. Being cultified n casting myself out at the earliest possible moment from nuns n priests, picturing confession time at the nunnery invokes a unique sense of pleasure n pain underlying a disdain for blatant unethical secretive behaviour.


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